GTA Online moves nearly 180 vehicles from in-game currency to GTA+ or special events

Fans took issue with the update after amassing a full list of the vehicles removed, as well as discovering that some of them are seemingly only available through GTA+.

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Grand Theft Auto Online’s Mercenaries expansion has arrived, bringing a wealth of new story missions, a new VTOL mobile command center, and much more to the game, but fans are irate at what Rockstar seemingly took away in the process. In the update, Rockstar announced it would be removing some cars from in-game dealership websites. Unfortunately, it’s more than a few vehicles. Players dug through and assembled a list of around 180 vehicles affected by the change.

Rockstar put out the details regarding this change alongside the release of GTA Online Mercenaries on June 13, 2023. While the new content brings a whole new collection of story content, vehicles, weapons, and more to the game, it also included a detail that many found questionable:

Players took to the GTA Forums to begin cataloguing the cars that had been affected. At the time of this writing, the thread contains 189 affected vehicles.

Grand Theft Auto Online vehicle removal details
Rockstar dropped vague details about the removal of cars from online dealership website in-game in GTA Online, but fans have since discovered the list of cars affected is substantial.
Source: Rockstar

The list of vehicles allegedly affected by Rockstar’s latest change to the dealership websites was concerning enough for players, but the community took extra ire at the fact that some of the vehicles affected are still available only if you have a GTA+ subscription. This is Rockstar’s subscription service it launched in March 2022 to give GTA Online players access to bonus and premium content. Normally, it was a place where paying subscribers could enjoy bonus in-game currency, properties, and other features of GTA Online, but players were particularly offended at the idea that some of the jettisoned vehicles can seemingly only be picked up if one has this subscription now, or if a vehicle they want happens to be in circulation on an event or activity like The Diamond Casino & Resort’s Lucky Wheel.

With the community upset at the change to online dealership vehicles in GTA Online, it remains to be seen if Rockstar reverses course on this decision. Nonetheless, GTA Online Mercenaries is available now, bringing this latest update into the fold with many others.

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