How to beat Lilith - Diablo 4

The Lilith fight in Diablo 4 is the campaign's toughest, and it takes perseverance to clear.


How to beat Lilith in Diablo 4 is about patience and learning as much as it is about using the right attacks at the right time. The Lilith fight has two phases, the second of which is particularly difficult given the shrinking arena and lack of options to restore health. 

Druids and Barbarians with their reliance on close-range melee attacks will have a more difficult time with this battle, but with good timing and careful potion management, it’s definitely still doable.

This guide explains both phases of the Diablo 4 Lilith boss fight with tips for getting through them.

Lilith boss fight tips and prep

The battle against Lillith is the one of the tougher fights in the main campaign, as you’d expect from Diablo 4’s final boss, so you’ll want to take a few extra steps to make sure you’re ready

The most important thing to do before your battle with Lilith is upgrade your healing potions, which includes acquiring more. We outlined how to do that in our health potion upgrade guide.

Lilith doesn’t inflict any status effects, so you don’t need to focus on equipment with specific resistances. Instead, it’s a good idea to equip armor that grants you buffs such as an extra dash and weapons that boost whatever your main damage-dealing skills are – your core skills, for example.

I also recommend crafting elixirs. Lilith moves quickly, but not so fast that you can’t pause for a second and use one of them to help boost your stats. Some useful choices are:

  • Assault elixirs – Increase attack speed
  • Iron Barb elixirs – Raise armor and thorns
  • Fortitude – Increases maximum life by 30 percent
  • Resourcefulness – Increases maximum resource by 50
  • Acrobatics – Reduces evasion cooldown

Try to be patient, as the battle may take multiple tries. Lilith’s first phase is comparatively straightforward. Her second form is faster and deadlier, and you face more environmental obstacles with fewer chances to replenish your potions.

Finally, it’s worth toggling the character highlight setting to “on” in the settings menu. The map is dark, and it’s easy to lose track of where your character is.

Diablo 4 Lilith boss – First phase

Lilith’s first phase is as the Creator of Sanctuary. She has roughly half a dozen attack patterns in this form, and they nearly all cause an effect that spreads damage across a wide area.

  • The most common one is where Lilith beats her wings and sends spikes rearing up in a line in front of her. When you see Lilith thrust both of her wings forward, make sure you’re not in front of her. 
  • She’ll also score the ground with blood. She stands still while doing this, and you can see dark red lines in the spots where the blood will appear.
  • Lilith has a plunging attack, where she goes off-screen and lunges down in a spot where you were standing. Don’t stand still when Lilith heads off-screen.
  • She’ll summon several green minions during the battle as well. Defeat them quickly to avoid getting overwhelmed. They’ll drop health potions too. Lilith’s second phase.

There’s a brief window when Lilith is about to perform an attack and immediately after her attack where you can strike and briefly stun her. Doing so gives you a second or two of uninterrupted opportunities to attack, though you shouldn’t put yourself at risk of taking damage from one of her attacks just to do it.

Your best bet to take Lilith down is watching and waiting. Learn her patterns and the signs to watch out for, then rush in and strike using your strongest skills when you can. Even when you can’t immobilize Lilith, you still have enough time before and after her attacks to deal quite a bit of damage before retreating to safety.

Keep an eye on how many potions you have on hand. If you have fewer than six, it’s actually worth waiting to end the battle until Lilith summons minions for you to defeat. That way, you can replenish your potions before the next phase.

Diablo 4 Lilith boss – Second phase

Lilith re-emerges as the Daughter of Hatred after you reduce her first health bar to zero. She’s faster and deadlier in this phase, and she doesn’t summon minions that drop health potions. She does, however, summon pools of corrupted blood that regularly erupt and fire blood projectiles that inflict vulnerable. Vulnerable increases the amount of damage you take, so it’s not a good position to be in.

On the bright side, Lilith’s attacks are fewer in number in this phase, and it’s easier to get a handle on her patterns. She’ll: 

  • Swipe at you several times with her tail and wings
  • Thrust her tail into the ground and create a new blood pool
  • Rush across part of the map and summon streams of corrupted blood
  • Create a whirlwind that pulls you in and deals extensive damage

You can get around most of these attacks with careful dodging and, in the case of her wing and tail attacks, just not standing near her for too long. You can also dodge to get away from the whirlwind.

That sounds simple, but portions of the boss fight stage crumble and vanish as Lilith’s health depletes.

It’s more difficult to land immobilizing strikes this time since Lilith moves more quickly. Just look for an opening, run in, attack, and dash away before repeating the process and defeating Lilith for good. If you're having trouble clearing the fight alione, team up with some friends in Diablo 4 multiplayer to ease the challenge a bit.

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