How to upgrade potions - Diablo 4

Upgrading potions in Diablo 4 is essential once you start tackling tougher challenges.


How to upgrade health potions in Diablo 4 is one of the most important things you can do in the RPG. It’s also something very easy to miss if you accidentally overlook a quick bit of text. Upgrading potions costs valuable resources, and you can only convince an alchemist to upgrade after reaching certain milestones.

Diablo 4 potion upgrade – How to increase potion capacity

You start with four potion charges and can earn more by increasing your renown in each region. Your renown goes up when you complete side quests and dungeons, find waypoints or new areas, or activate Statues of Lilith. Having extra potion charges on hand makes a substantial difference later in the game, so make sure you don’t speed through each region without engaging in some of the extra quests it has to offer.

Diablo 4 potion upgrade – How to get better potions

You first unlock the option to upgrade your health potions at an alchemist's after reaching level 10. A short message flashes briefly on screen letting you know that upgrades are available, but if you’re in the middle of a fight or happen to look elsewhere on screen, it’s easy to miss.

Alchemists set up shop in every major settlement, and they require gold and a certain combination of rare herbs to upgrade your potions – or to make elixirs, which is something else you should be doing regularly.

Upgrading potions will increase how much health they restore immediately on use, though the percentage of health they restore over time remains the same. Your first potion upgrade at level 10 is free. All subsequent updates unlock at intervals of 10 or 15 levels and will cost you gold, herbs, and, sometimes, monster parts.

Diablo 4 potion upgrade – Costs and materials

Here’s what you can expect to shell out for every upgrade.

Potion Unlock Level Required Ingredients Effect
Minor Healing Potion 20 5 Biteberry, 15 Gallowvine Restores 80 life instantly and 35 percent over 3 seconds
Light Healing Potion 30 20 Gallowvine, 10 Biteberry, 5 Crushed Beast Bone Restores 141 life instantly and 35 percent over 3 seconds
Moderate Healing Potion 45 20 Gallowvine, 5 Demon's Heart, 12 Howler Moss Restores 255 life instantly and 35 percent over 3 seconds
Strong Healing Potion 60 27 Gallowvine, 15 Reddamine, 5 Pale Tongue Restores 378 life instantly and 35 percent over 3 seconds
Greater Healing Potion 70 36 Blightshade, 18 Lifesbane, 5 Grave Dust, 5 Angelbreath Restores 579 life instantly and 35 percent over 3 seconds
Major Healing Potion 80 10 Angelbreath, 27 Reddamine, 27 Biteberry, 27 Blightshade, 27 Lifesbane, 27 Howler Moss, 5 Fiend Rose Restores 827 life instantly and 35 percent over 3 seconds
Superior Healing Potion 90 10 Forgotten Soul, 20 Angelbreath, 10 Fiend Rose, 20 Grave Dust, 36 Blightshade, 20 Demon's Heart, 36 Howler Moss Restores 1,274 life instantly and 35 percent over 3 seconds

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