Which class should you pick in Diablo 4?

Picking which class to start with in Diablo 4 seems like a daunting task, especially if you're new to Blizzard's RPG series, but two classes are best for beginners and veterans alike


Picking which class to start with in Diablo 4 seems like a daunting task, especially if you’re new to Blizzard’s RPG series. There’s no detailed overview of how a class plays, no way to test them, and no option to change classes once you start. However, there are two classes that work for any skill level and make navigating your way through hell a bit easier.

Which class to start with in Diablo 4

A sorcerer is battling demons in the snow, using lightning to chain attacks against many at once

If you want the smoothest run possible, we recommend picking the Necromancer, Sorcerer, or Rogue. Diablo newcomers may want to start with the Necromancer or Sorcerer first. Both classes have a mix of ranged and melee attacks, with some powerful passives that help them sail through challenges in solo play and multiplayer alike.

The Rogue is a strong class as well, but it’s slightly more complex. Rogues use Energy to power their stronger skills, but managing and replenishing it takes a bit more planning than it does with the Necromancer’s Essence and Sorcerer’s Mana. They also don’t come into their own until you unlock their higher-tier Agility and Subterfuge skills.

Necromancer pros

The Necromancer is an excellent choice for anyone, but especially for newcomers still getting used to how Diablo works. Their unique skill is summoning the dead. You can raise and manage up to four skeletons at any time by interacting with the corpses of your fallen foes. These attack enemies automatically, and you can learn other skills to help boost their damage and change their behavior. The fifth summon is a skeletal mage who boosts your attack for a set period of time.

The best part is that enemies target your skeletons, which means you’re less likely to get overwhelmed. 

The Necromancer’s other skills include a range of strong bone-based attacks that can hit multiple enemies and even trap them momentarily. These are the best skills, but you can experiment with shadow magic to debuff foes and blood magic to make them explode.

Necromancer cons

The Necromancer has low defense and no movement skills, so if an enemy mob breaks through your skeletons, you may take quite a bit of damage. Bone Prison and passives that detonate your enemies make this situation easier to deal with, however.

A sorcerer is conjuring a large orb of ice and sending it forward across a snow-covered plain

Sorcerer pros

The Sorcerer is, during the beta at least, the most powerful class you can pick and the easiest to learn. They have a range of strong spells at their disposal, most of which inflict secondary effects on enemies, and a strong basic attack even makes it easy for them to break through crowded mobs.

At higher tiers, the Sorcerer can learn exceptionally powerful skills that deal heavy damage across a broad area, making them excellent for handling tough mobs and even bosses. Just make sure to give your build a bit of variation so you don’t get stuck against enemies with elemental resistances.

Sorcerer cons

The only real drawback for the Sorcerer is their heavy reliance on mana. Core skills and those at higher tiers take quite a bit of mana, which means you’ll need to cast carefully and supplement with basic attacks to recover it. Some passives help with mana management as well, though, so this downside isn’t a major detriment.

What about Barbarian and Druid?

The remaining two classes are in a slightly odd spot. Barbarians have some strong melee skills, but roughly half of their kit centers on buffs for yourself and nearby allies. That leaves you with just a handful of offensive skills, all of which require high amounts of Fury – mana for Barbarians – to use. The result is a slightly unsatisfying loop of basic attacks punctuated by occasional strong skills.The Druid is, frankly, a weird class. It has a mix of magic and melee, but none of the Druid skills are powerful. Lightning magic is underpowered, wind magic is erratic, and the were-animal transformations are more like underwhelming versions of Barbarian attacks than anything actually helpful. The lack of strong skills means Druids struggle against bosses, so if you do opt for this class, make sure to bring some help along.

If you’re looking for tips on what skills to choose for your Diablo 4 hero, check out our Rogue build, and  Sorcerer build guides.

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