All Super Mario Maker 2 Course IDs from Summer Games Done Quick 2023

Summer Games Done Quick 2023 is back with a new relay race for Super Mario Maker 2. We've collected all of the Course IDs for your convenience.


Summer Games Done Quick is in the middle of its final runs of the week, and one of them is a special relay race for Super Mario Maker 2. It features two teams of some of the game's most popular runners and content creators, who will each take turns attempting stages built for SGDQ. If you're watching at home and would like to attempt these levels yourself, Shacknews is here to help.

All Super Mario Maker 2 Course IDs from Summer Games Done Quick 2023

Super Mario Maker 2

Source: Nintendo

Just like every stage created for Super Mario Maker 2, every level played during today's SGDQ 2023 relay are available to play at home. We'll be watching along with everyone else, and we will look to update all of the Course IDs as the race progresses. (UPDATE: All levels are now listed!) Here are the Course IDs for each of the stages featured today:

  • [SGDQ] The Dark Pool: G4M-6XT-NWF
  • [SGDQ] Phasmophobic Footrace: V21-3D2-JWG
  • [SGDQ] Power Struggle: B2M-QBD-WVF
  • [SGDQ] Super Sonic Racing: NPD-CGS-QVG
  • [SGDQ] Goofy Goombud: 2XX-W28-RDF
  • [SGDQ] Cylindrical Citadel: L8G-FH2-37G
  • [SGDQ] Orange You Glad?: NM3-YTJ-10G
  • [SGDQ] Portal To: Q0C-BK0-WVF
  • [SGDQ] Sweaty Boyz Co-Op*: 4FL-X52-RRF
  • [SGDQ] Spring Yard Zone: VNS-VX2-TCG
  • [SGDQ] Tumblestone Crumble: DHC-538-10G
  • [SGDQ] The Fast Flying Feline: 0WB-DR5-DFG
  • [SGDQ] Scorching Sands: 891-CSG-1CG
  • [SGDQ] Spring Into Action: BNG-9FF-1QG

(* - This is a co-op level and requires two players.)

For those who own Super Mario Maker 2 on Nintendo Switch, we encourage you to download and try these levels out for yourselves. If you don't know how to get started, check out our full guide on how to enter Course IDs and jump right into Course World.

Summer Games Done Quick is set to wrap up tonight. The event has raised over $1.6 million USD for Doctors Without Borders as of this writing. SGDQ 2023 isn't over just yet, so be sure to check out the event's final minutes over on Twitch. If you're looking for more tips and information on Super Mario Maker 2, be sure to check out our full guide and walkthrough.

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