How to get Autobuild - The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

If you want to save your Ultrahand creations or collect Schema Stones for new machines, you'll want to fill out your power wheel with Autobuild.


Just because you left the Great Sky Island and set off on your quest to save Hyrule doesn’t mean the tutorial for The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is over. If you didn’t stick around Lookout Landing for long, you might notice you still have a power slot missing between Ultrahand and Fuse on the wheel. This is where Autobuild would go if you had it. It lets you automatically recreate Ultrahand contraptions you’ve put together in a jiffy, but it also grants you access to Schema Stones, which let you build all sorts of great machines you might not have thought of. Don’t skip this ability if you don’t have it yet. We’ll tell you exactly how and where to get Autobuild.

How to get Autobuild - A Mystery In the Depths

Autobuild is the last power you’ll track down for your wheel in Tears of the Kingdom and it comes as the reward for a quest. It’s Josha’s second Main Quest to be precise: A Mystery In The Depths. If you talked to her and followed Robbie to the Depths to do the Camera Work in the Depths quest, then you should have the Camera power already. After that, Robbie and Josha will be on hiatus studying for their next expedition. Leave and go do a quest elsewhere in Hyrule and then come back to Lookout Landing.

When you do that, you’ll find a number of characters lining up to speak to Josha at her work station. Talk to her and she’ll tell you about how she’s made a whole map of the Depths from stone slabs. She also points out that the Statues seem to point to each other in succession and form a trail through the Depths. She wants you to explore where that trail ends. This kicks off A Mystery In The Depths. Make sure to bring Brightbloom Seeds, as well as Gloom protection and healing.

A Statue pointing out the way to go in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom
Source: Nintendo

To follow the statues, you should go back to where you helped Robbie take a picture of the statue in Camera Work in the Depths. Iayusus Lightroot is the closest checkpoint, putting you literally right next to the statue. You’ll see this statue is pointing in a specific direction, and another statue sits in that direction. Another statue sits in the direction that next one is pointing. Use the direction of these statues to guide you through the Depths, lighting your way where applicable with Brightbloom Seeds.

Once you travel far enough, you will see a large collection of ruins. This is the Great Abandoned Central Mine (coordinates: -0671, -1800, -0514). Inside the main structure, you will see two suspicious researchers hanging out by a Construct. Talk to them, and then talk to the Construct. It will give you Autobuild.

Defeat a Familiar Foe

Link interacting with the Steward Construct that gives you Autobuild in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom
Source: Nintendo

Immediately after you get Autobuild, you will also have a run in with some nasty returning characters and engage in a boss battle. Your foe will use Ultrahand machines against you, but it mostly just tries to run you over. Hit them with arrows to stun them and then run up to wail on them with melee weapons for as long as they’ll let you. If they throw large boulder-like balls at you, use the Rewind power to send it back and stun them again. Keep at it until you’ve defeated them.

Once you are finished with the fight, go back to the Constructs. They will not only open up shop to let you trade Zonaite for Zonai Charges and Crystallized Charges, but they will also give you what could be your first Schema Stone: the Fanplane. These stones provide a machine to your Autobuild recipe book whether you’ve created it before or not and can give ideas for powerful and complex machines. Having collected Autobuild and your first Schema Stone, you can now go around to other mines in the Depths, activate Constructs and get further Schema Stones from them.

The Fanplane Schema Stone creation for Autobuild in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom
Source: Nintendo

For now, head back up to the surface and go talk to Josha again. She’ll ask you to demonstrate your Autobuild ability by fixing Robbie’s hot air balloon. After that, she’ll give you yet another Schema Stone to recreate the very hot air balloon you just fixed. That ends the quest and opens up the path to begin Robbie’s Hateno Village Research Lab Side Adventure, which leads to all sorts of other cool upgrades, including the Hero’s Path and Shrine Sensor upgrades for the Purah Pad.

Now that you know how to get Autobuild, you can collect cool machine recipes via Schema Stones and it should be far easier to assemble a machine and be off on your way through Hyrule. Be sure to check out our Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Strategy Guide for far more questing assistance. Happy building!

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