Diablo 4's betas lifted it onto Twitch's top 10 most watched topics during March 2023

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive also enjoyed huge numbers of viewing on Twitch on the back of Counter-Strike 2's announcement.

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Diablo 4’s open betas were a strong highlight of gaming in March 2023 and it has showed in the latest StreamElements State of the Stream report covering the month. According to the report, Diablo 4 slipped into the top 10 most viewed categories on Twitch for March. This was due largely to its successful and popular beta weekends in which many players got a taste of the game for the first time. Of course, Counter-Strike 2 was also a big trend last month and it shows in CSGO’s massively increased numbers for the month.

StreamElements released its March 2023 State of the Stream presentation with data from its analytics partner at Rainmaker.gg on April 18, 2023. According to the report, of Twitch’s 4.985 billion hours watched globally during the month, Diablo 4 pulled in 28 million hours of viewing. That was enough to crack the Twitch Top 10 categories and make its early mark among the usual trending topics like Just Chatting and League of Legends. Interestingly, Diablo 4 just barely managed to edge out Resident Evil 4’s phenomenal release, which fell just short of the Top 10 with 27.6 million hours viewed.

StreamElements State of the Stream March 2023 Top 10 Twitch viewing chart.
StreamElements' State of the Stream March 2023 report saw Diablo 4 crack Twitch's Top 10 most viewed categories on the back of its recent beta sessions.
Source: StreamElements

Diablo 4 wasn’t the only one raising heck on Twitch in March. Counter-Strike also saw a surge of viewership on the back of Counter-Strike 2’s announcement. Set to launch in summer 2023, Counter-Strike 2 gave CSGO a nice bump of views with 60 million hours watched for March, putting it in the #5 spot of the Top 10.

Both Diablo 4 and Counter-Strike have a lot of good times ahead of them. Diablo 4 just went gold for its June release date and Counter-Strike will likely continue to see spikes in popularity as we await more details on Counter-Strike 2 from Valve. Stay tuned for more StreamElements State of the Stream reporting right here at Shacknews as we see what these games bring in the months ahead.

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