The Strong Museum is creating a 20-foot tall Donkey Kong arcade cabinet

As part of its June expansion, The Strong Museum shared plans to create a massive, 20-feet tall playable Donkey Kong arcade cabinet.


If you’ve ever had the desire to play Donkey Kong on a much larger scale than what’s found in your local arcades, or through games like Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze on Nintendo Switch, you’re in luck. As long as you live close to The Strong National Museum of Play in Rochester, New York, that is.

Recently, The Strong Museum announced plans to create a 20-foot tall playable Donkey Kong arcade cabinet as part of its upcoming June 30 expansion. On social media, The Strong Museum noted that, “As part of our June 30 expansion, The Strong will create the world’s largest, playable Donkey Kong arcade game. The game will stand nearly 20-feet tall and will be available for guests to play!”

The museum then went on to thank Nintendo of America for “providing input on the project.”

As massive as the arcade cabinet itself will be, the museum has confirmed that guests will be able to play the game through a “regular-sized” arcade control panel.

For those looking to get in on all the 20-foot tall Donkey Kong arcade action and want to know where it will be found, the attraction will reportedly be located just outside the ESL Digital Worlds gallery on the museum’s second floor. It will also be visible from the museum’s first-floor atrium as part of its 90,000-square-foot expansion opening on June 30.

To learn more about the museum and its plans to create the world’s largest, playable Donkey Kong arcade game, be sure to read through the press release on The Strong’s official website. And to catch up with other Nintendo news, be sure to read through some of our previous coverage as well, including the announcement of a Nintendo Live 2023 in-person event coming to Seattle this September, and and how the Super Mario Bros. Movie earned a whopping $377 million during its 5-day opening.

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