Discord increases free file sharing limit from 8MB to 25MB

The data limit increase for free file sharing is available for everyone to take advantage of according to Discord.


If you’ve been itching to send some files to your friends on Discord but have been hindered by the previously restrictive 8MB limit, you’ll be happy to hear this is being increased. On social media, Discord announced that the data limit for free file sharing is officially increasing from 8MB to 25MB.

Not only this, but this increase is available for all users to take advantage of, not just Nitro subscribers. In the replies to the announcement on Twitter, however, Discord did note that “Nitro plans [to] give you uploads of up to 500MB.” So, if you have a lot of files to send or feel like 25MB isn’t enough, subscribing to Discord Nitro will give you a significantly larger data limit of 500MB in addition to features like 4K video streaming.

A subscription to Discord Nitro will set you back $10 a month. For those that feel the cost is too high, Discord also offers a Nitro Basic tier for a more reasonable $3 per month, with Nitro Basic giving users a file sharing data limit of 50MB. Not as much as Nitro’s 500MB, but still more than what’s available for free at 25MB.

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