Discord is integrating 8 new AI tools on every server, including OpenAI's ChatGPT

Clyde is a Discord bot powered by ChatGPT technology that will answer questions, respond to slash commands, and have extended conversations with users.


Have you met Clyde in Discord? Maybe you have and maybe you haven’t, but he’s Discord’s helpful bot and he’s getting an AI-powered upgrade alongside a wealth of other tools coming to Discord based on AI technology. Utilizing OpenAI’s ChatGPT technology, soon Clyde will be able to answer questions, have extended conversations, create message threads, and much more. And that upgrade is just one of 8 new AI-powered tools the Discord devs are planning to implement in the near future.

Discord shared details about Clyde’s AI upgrade and the group’s other AI plans in a blog post on the Discord website on March 9, 2023. In said post, Platform Ecosystem VP Anjney Midha shared a wealth of details about the new AI tools coming to every discord server, starting with the upgrade to Clyde.

“Next week, Clyde is coming to (artificially intelligent) life, natively within Discord, using OpenAI technology,” Midha wrote. “Clyde can now answer questions and have extended conversations with you and your friends. Just by typing @Clyde in a server, you can chat with Clyde in any channel. You can even have Clyde start a thread for a group of your friends to hang out. Clyde can recommend playlists, and access GIFs and emojis like any Discord user.”

AI-powered Clyde in the Discord app.
Clyde's upcoming ChatGPT-powered capabilities allow it to answer your questions, start message threads, and hold extended conversations, just to name a few uses.
Source: Discord

Clyde wasn’t the only thing introduced. There are also tools like AutoMod AI, which is launching in limited capacity on some servers now. Discord’s AutoMod was already in the app as of 2022, aiding in the moderation and forum channel experiences of Discord. Now, it’s getting further upgrades. Discord claims that AutoMod’s AI upgrade will be able to detect and alert channel moderators of broken rules, while navigating the sometimes complex context of conversation.

“Moderators can leverage Automod AI, which will use OpenAI technology to find and alert the moderator whenever server rules may have been broken, keeping in ‘mind’ the context of a conversation. The AutoMod AI experiment begins in a limited number of servers today,” Midha continues.

Other tools mentioned included AI-generated conversation summaries from voice chats, Avatar Remix (which will harness AI to spice up your profile pic), and more. Discord is seemingly leaning as hard into the AI trend as anyone, but some tools will be waiting a little longer to roll out than others. Stay tuned as we continue to follow for updates as Discord implements these further AI programs into the app.

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