Sony files patent for temperature changing PS5 controller

Changes in temperature could be the next thing added to PS5 controllers as hinted at by a recent patent filing by Sony.


Sony has already dabbled with offering a more immersive controller experience with its DualSense on PS5 which features things like haptic feedback and adaptive triggers. Now, it seems like Sony is looking to further enhance that experience.

As spotted by Exputer and reported on by outlets like GameSpot, Sony recently filed a patent application for a material that can simulate temperature changes in its PlayStation controllers. Elaborated on in the application, the controller design would use a sensor utilizing an “elastically deformable elastic member” that detects a user’s contact and outputs a signal based on the contact or action.

Screenshot of the patent page from the filing made by Sony for a temperature changing feature in PS5 controllers
© Sony

Temperature wise, examples are included in the filing including mixing a sealed gas bubble in advance into the aforementioned elastic member. With this, as noted by GameSpot, the circuit section would then have a temperature control apparatus that could control the gas volume in the bubble and change the shape of the elastic member.

All of this is a complicated way to communicate the basic idea, though, that ultimately circles back to Sony looking into potentially incorporating temperature changes within its controllers. It’s a cool concept, and one that could be useful not only in experiencing temperature shifts within games, such as going from hot to cold climates, but also in terms of user comfort. For example, it’d be cool to have a heated controller in the winter to help warm a person’s hands, and a cooled controller in the summer.

Drawings from the patent filing by Sony showing how the temperature controlling mechanic could be implemented in PS5 controllers
© Sony

We’ll be sure to keep an eye out for further updates on Sony potentially implementing temperature change mechanics in its PS5 controllers. Until more on this is shared, we’re eager to hear your thoughts. Would you like a controller that sports the ability to reflect the feeling of temperature changes within games? Let us know in Chatty!

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