Ford (F) shipped 4,291 F-150 Lightning EV trucks in Q1 2023

Ford is looking to match the increased demand for its EVs by expanding the production of vehicles like the F-150 Lightning.


Ford (F) shared a report today which featured details on Q1 2023 performance, including how it shipped out 4,291 of its F-150 Lightning EV trucks during this year’s first quarter. Sales of Ford’s electric vehicles increased by a respectable 41 percent in Q1 according to Ford’s reporting, with it being noted that these sales ultimately amounted to fewer than 10,900 vehicles or around 2.5 percent of quarterly sales.

In total, Ford sold 456,972 vehicles during Q1, up 10.7 percent “on the strength of icons like F-Series, Bronco, Mustang, commercial vehicles, and EVs.” Sales of Ford trucks rose by nearly 20 percent, with car sales up 5.1 percent. Ford’s overall sales for models like Ford Blue, Ford Pro, Model e, and Lincoln, totaled 475,906 up 10.1 percent “with estimated share up over a year ago.”

Ford F150 Lightning electric truck in blue shown charging in a garage
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To meet increased demand, Ford remarks in its report that its Kansas City Assembly Plant will add a third crew in April to increase production of the Ford Pro. Ford also has plans to increase production at other manufacturing plants to meet demand for vehicles like its Mustang Mach-E, F-150 Lightning, Bronco Sport, and Maverick. According to Ford, it remains on track to expand production of vehicles like its F-150 Lightning to an annual production run rate of 150,000 this year.

“Ford is off to a fast start to the year,” said Andrew Frick, Ford’s VP of sales, distribution, and trucks. “Ford’s sales growth and investments are a direct result of strong customer demand across our truck, SUV, and electric vehicle segments. And this year’s highly anticipated new product launches with Super Duty, Escape, Mustang, and Ranger will only add to this momentum.”

Mustang Mach-E electric vehicle shown in red and parked outside a model house
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Elsewhere in the report, good news for those looking to order an F-150 Lightning was shared as it’s confirmed that Lightning order banks have re-opened for reservation holders with the Rouge Electric Vehicle Center returning to full production. According to Ford, its electric vehicles “continue to attract new customers with a conquest rate over 60 percent.”

For more on Ford’s performance during Q1 2023, be sure to read through the company’s full report. And for more on EVs, brush up on some of our previous coverage, including how Tesla (TSLA) reported 422,875 EV deliveries in Q1 2023, and how GM’s quarterly EV shipments topped 20,000 vehicles for the first time ever in Q1 2023.

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