World War 3 launching season update Operation Sunstorm on March 30

Developer The Farm 51 shared details about what players can expect from the Operation Sunstorm update later this month.

The Farm 51

Developer The Farm 51 and publisher Wishlist Games recently shared information about everything coming to the tactical first-person shooter, World War 3, in its upcoming Operation Sunstorm update. Set to release on March 30, Operation Sunstorm features a wealth of free-to-play content for players to immerse themselves in.

For example, players can look forward to two additional maps set in Japan, new weapons, an all-new 20v20 game mode called FUBAR, and more. Additionally, the team shared that a battle pass with a blend of free and premium tracks will also be released that come packed with rewards for players to earn.

Digging deeper into some of the new content, one of the highlights of Operation Sunstorm is without a doubt the new FUBAR mode which is described as a new take on Tactical Ops with a focus on infantry battles.

World War 3 screenshot showing two players aiming down the sights of different weapons
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For those itching for new maps, Operation Sunstorm will introduce two both set around Tokyo, Japan. Tactical Ops will feature DMR duels in Tokyo, and Team Deathmatch will allow players to battle it out in Tokyo’s famous Shibuya district.

If all of that’s not enough, new weapons are being added including the Type 89 assault rifle, QBZ-191 assault rifle, Pf3 rocket launcher, and Deagle handgun. Players will have access to new Strikes as well including the Type X main battle tank (MBT), Type XVI tank destroyer, and Bumblebee aerial drone. As noted by the developer, all base weapon and strike blueprints can be unlocked for free via the game’s Battle Pass. However, additional configurations such as those with exclusive decals are only available via the Premium Pack.

World War 3 screenshot showing a player in a dark, creepy home setting
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For more on World War 3 and information on updates like Operation Sunstorm, be sure to check out the game’s official website. Looking for more update news? Check out some of our previous coverage as well, including Sea of Thieves setting sail in Season 9, and Team Fortress 2 is getting a 'full-on update-sized update' according to its developers.

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