How to farm Neomuna weapon Patterns - Destiny 2

Farming isn't easy, but it's effective and arguably worth it if you have your heart set on some Neomuna weapons in Destiny 2.


Lightfall brought a whole batch of new weapons for Guardians to craft in Destiny 2. Some of the best ones are found on Neomuna, the new location introduced with the expansion. Today, I’m going to give you a comprehensive guide on how to farm Neomuna weapon Patterns so you can get crafting.

List of Neomuna weapons that can be crafted

An image showing the Dimensional Hypotrochoid Grenade Launcher weapon Pattern in Destiny 2
Guardians can grab a Dimensional Hypotrochoid weapon Pattern from the Under Siege campaign mission in Destiny 2: Lightfall.

In total there are five weapons from Neomuna that can be crafted. Each one will require you to extract five Patterns before you can begin the crafting process. The five weapons are as follows:

  • Round Robin Legendary Hand Cannon
  • Volta Bracket Legendary Sniper Rifle
  • Iterative Loop Legendary Fusion Rifle
  • Phyllotactic Spiral Legendary Pulse Rifle
  • Dimensional Hypotrochoid Legendary Grenade Launcher

How to get Neomuna weapon Patterns

The rewards for a Heroic patrol in the Neomuna region of Destiny 2: Lightfall
Aside from campaign missions and side quests, weapon Patterns can be farmed on Neomuna through Heroic patrols.

Good news, Guardians. You can get three Patterns for each weapon through the campaign and doing side quests in Lightfall.

  • Dimensional Hypotrochoid - Under Siege campaign mission
  • Phyllotactic Spiral - Breakneck campaign mission
  • Volta Bracket - No Time Left campaign mission
  • Iterative Loop - From Zero… side quest
  • Round Robin - …To Hero side quest

Those campaign missions and side quests each offer the weapon Pattern listed above. The good news is that you can do the campaign three times, and the side quests three times, and acquire three Patterns for each of the five weapons. That’s a total of 15 of the 25 Patterns that you need to craft all five weapons. However, that means a considerable amount of play time, but so does farming for Patterns to drop.

Another (good luck) method to get weapon Patterns will be ranking up with Nimbus. It may also be possible to get Patterns by getting world drops of Neomuna weapons, but in over 25 hours of Neomuna gameplay that’s yet to happen for me. Note that the Terminal Overload chest that is opened using a Terminal Overload key does not reward Patterns. The three weapons that drop from said activity cannot be crafted.

How to farm Neomuna weapon Patterns

An image showing a Heroic patrol in Destiny 2
The image shows the icon for a Heroic patrol on Neomuna. Farming these patrols is the key to unlocking all Neomuna weapon Patterns in Destiny 2.

Farming Neomuna weapon Patterns requires you to complete dozens of Heroic patrols, which will take you many hours. Heroic patrols have a chance to drop a weapon with a Pattern that can be extracted, and as slow as this may seem, it’s undeniably the best way to get Patterns outside of campaign missions and side quests.

The trick here is to load into Neomuna by selecting the Terminal Overload node on the Neomuna map. This will load a new instance for you, whereas using the fast travel points will not. Load into Terminal Overload (from the map), bring up your Ghost, and look for a Heroic patrol. If you don’t see one, and the Terminal Overload activity is in either Zephyr Concourse or Ahimsa Park, use the Liming Harbor fast travel point. When you load in, bring up your Ghost and look for a Heroic patrol. If you don’t see one, open your map and launch Terminal Overload again. Should the Terminal Overload activity be in Liming Harbor on that day, check that region only for Heroic patrols, then reload the Terminal Overload activity again.

As soon as you see a Heroic patrol, head over and complete it. There are only two types, one which requires you to kill a target at a specific location, and another that tasks you with killing 10 enemies with precision damage. For the latter, I used Arbalest, as that does a fine job of killing foes with precision hits. When I was killing a specific target, I was using a Rocket Launcher and Witherhoard, but you can use whatever you like no matter what patrol you get. Just find something that gets the job done as quickly as possible, because you're going to be doing a lot of these.

A map showing the Terminal Overload activity in Destiny 2
This image shows you how to launch the Terminal Overload activity from your map so you can farm Neomuna weapon Patterns.

The goal here is to complete Heroic patrols as fast as you can, all the while you should have a Ghost with the Wombo Detector mod in it. This will detect caches and resources within a 50-meter range, allowing you to rank up Nimbus as you go. Now, don’t go out of your way to open chests and grab resources, as I got exactly zero Patterns from ranking up my reputation with Nimbus. But, if you’re there, you might as well grab all the things.

As you continuously load into Terminal Overload, you’re bound to find some that are in the final stages. If you care only about Patterns and nothing else, ignore it and just keep loading in and looking for Heroic patrols. If you don’t mind a short distraction, help finish that event and grab some loot. You cannot get Patterns from Terminal Overload but it could be worth it to get a god roll version of the three weapons that drop from the activity. It's also wise to load up on bounties from Nimbus and Banshee-44; you're already running around doing mindless farming so you might as well rack up the XP in the process.

Finally, I will note that farming doesn’t mean fast. It might be relatively easy, but this method still took hours upon hours. It was not uncommon to finish two or three hours of farming with only two or three Patterns. Temper your expectations, Guardians. You can go 10 to 15 Heroic patrols without a single Pattern, or get two back-to-back. It’s random, but you will get them all eventually. Just don't burn yourself out. Don't hesitate to go and play the game. Maybe sneak in some quick farming here and there, and let RNG take care of the rest over time.

Now that you know how to get Neomuna weapon Patterns, hit up our Destiny 2 strategy guide and we’ll get you sorted out with all the other things Guardians are into.

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