Unity is developing AI tools for its creative suite & beta signups are live now

The company is claiming that Unity AI will soon put 'AI-powered game-development tools in the hands of millions of creators.'


As the AI tech craze continues, game engine developer Unity is the latest to attempt to capitalize on artificial intelligence in its offered products. This was announced today in the form of Unity AI: a new ecosystem Unity is developing to put AI-powered game development tools at the disposal of creators utilizing Unity in the creation of their games. Unity launched a beta signup for its new AI program, as well as a newsletter for devs to stay in the know on Unity AI developments.

Unity announced Unity AI, the beta sign-up for it, and the Unity AI Insider program via Twitter on March 22, 2023. The teaser video shows off entry of prompts, for which Unity AI will seemingly gather assets relevant to a query, but Unity also goes into more detail on the signup page.

Unity AI announcement tweet
It seems Unity AI will be an ecosystem where developers can put in a prompt and be served collected or even original generated assets for use in their projects.
Source: Unity

On the signup page, Unity also clearly shares a “Unity AI Beta Program,” suggesting the company will open these tools up to signed up developers for testing at some future date. It seems the signup for the Unity AI Insider program will be the main route to this beta and further details when they drop.

Unity AI comes at a time when artificial intelligence technology is booming. Nvidia recently hosted an entire presentation dedicated to the state of its own advancements in AI tech, and Bill Gates said earlier today that AI is only comparable to one other tech revolution he’s seen in his lifetime.

With the announcement of Unity AI, it looks like one of the most mainstream engines in game design is also digging into the AI space. Stay tuned as we await more details on Unity AI and its upcoming beta program.

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