KaiCenat Twitch subathon made him the most watched streamer in February 2023

KaiCenat bumped xQc off of Twitch's top streamer spot with 43 million hours viewed in February according to StreamElements' State of the Stream.


Many will recall when in February 2023, Just Chatting and comedy streamer KaiCenat took the record of most subscribed Twitch streamer of all time. He was also the most watched in February by a landslide. Where streamer xQc usually sits at that spot consistently, Kai bumped him off with an incredible 43 million hours viewed for the month, according to StreamElements’ latest State of the Stream report.

StreamElements posted its February 2023 State of the Stream report with data from its analytics partner at Rainmaker.gg. While the report hosted a ton of stats revealing interesting info such as a massive debut of viewing for Hogwarts Legacy and a major boost in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive viewership, one of the most impressive numbers there was the overall hours of KaiCenat watched following his record-setting subscriber Twitch subathon in February. KaiCenat garnered 43 million hours of viewing during his month-long campaign. xQc, who usually sits in the #1 spot month to month, only garnered around 14 million hours viewed and was still #2 to Kai.

StreamElements' State of the Stream February 2023 top 10 Twitch streamers chart
KaiCenat took the top spot on most viewed Twitch streamers in February 2023 by far with 43 million hours viewed.
Source: StreamElements

Worth noting is that KaiCenat also bested xQc’s best month, which amounted to 39 million hours viewed back in May 2021. It was a huge month for Kai and is bound to leave a lasting mark on the Twitch record books, as well as ongoing stats and numbers. It’s also worth noting that Kai collaborated with xQc as part of his subathon, and got on the Hogwarts train while it was hot last month.

With KaiCenat’s subathon wrapped up, it remains to be seen if the popular streamer can stay atop the pack on Twitch. For more on Twitch’s stats and analytics month-to-moth, stay tuned for more StreamElements State of the Stream coverage, right here at Shacknews.

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