Kai Cenat breaks all-time Twitch subscription record

The record was previously held by such names as Ninja and Ludwig.

Kai Cenat on YouTube

Twitch history was made on Tuesday, as streamer Kai Cenat set the all-time record for stream subscriptions. The 21-year-old Cenat has surpassed the 300,000 subscriptions milestone, a first for Twitch, even as his streams continue through the month of February.

As noted by Bloomberg, Cenat has been offering subscriptions for $5 to $25 USD. While he has spent most of his time playing Grand Theft Auto 5, it should be noted that Cenat is in the middle of an unprecedented marathon. To celebrate Black History Month, Cenat began a subscription drive at the start of the month and has been streaming 24 hours a day ever since. Part of his February activities have included dressing up for the Hogwarts Legacy release and also visiting Universal Studios with fellow streamer Felix "xQc" Lengyel.

The Twitch subscription record was previously held by such luminaries as Ninja and Ludwig Ahgren. In fact, Ludwig issued a congratulations to Cenat earlier today on Twitter, while also making reference to his own departure from Twitch.

Ludwig congratulates Kai Cenat

Source: Twitter

However, this milestone isn't without some controversy. An NPR report brought up allegations that Cenat was engaged in a sexual act while on stream. Some believe Cenat should have been suspended from Twitch. Cenat himself denied the allegations, noting that the woman seen in the clip in question was rubbing his thigh. Cenat has previously been suspended from Twitch four times, most recently back in January for passing out while on edibles.

The world of Twitch and livestreaming is certainly never boring. We'll continue to watch the escapades of Kai Cenat and other Twitch livestreamers and report back with any news of note here at Shacknews.

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