NVIDIA is speeding up the design of its semiconductor chips

During its GTC 2023 Keynote, NVIDIA touched on how it's working to speed up the design of its semiconductor chips.

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A number of interesting statements and announcements were made during NVIDIA’s GTC 2023 Keynote. Among these, CEO Jensen Huang notably talked about how the company is rolling out new software technology called cuLitho as a way to help speed up the design and manufacturing of its semiconductor chips. The cuLitho software will reportedly use NVIDIA's GPUs to help speed up the step between the software design of a chip and the physical fabrication of the lithography masks used to print the design on silicon.

Multiple NVIDIA branded chips
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A traditional computing chip can accomplish this in around two weeks, but according to NVIDIA, its cuLitho software can not only handle the task overnight, but also reduce the electricity used from 35 megawatts to 5 megawatts.

Presently, NVIDIA is working with ASML Holding, Synopsys Inc, and Taiwan Semiconductor (TSMC) to bring this technology to market with TSMC to begin readying the technology for production this coming June. Moving forward, it’ll be interesting to see just how much more efficient NVIDIA’s CuLitho software makes the design and manufacturing of semiconductor chips.

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