Bloober Team shows off new Layers of Fear gameplay

The developer shared an 11-minute gameplay walkthrough for its upcoming horror game, Layers of Fear.


If you’ve been looking forward to what Bloober Team has to offer, not only with its upcoming Silent Hill 2 remake, but also Layers of Fear (formerly Layers of Fears) you’re in luck. Well, on the latter at least. Earlier today, Bloober Team posted a sizable 11-minute gameplay walkthrough video that offers a closer look at what players can expect from Layers of Fear.

The video opens with a character exploring a dark, cluttered room with a typewriter illuminated on a nearby desk. Through one of the notes the character picks up (which is read aloud, with the walkthrough showing other elements of audio narration as well), it’s revealed the location they’re in is a lighthouse.

Gameplay footage from Bloober Team's walkthrough video showing a character approaching a typewriter on a desk in a dark room
© Bloober Team

After sitting down to try and write, the character is interrupted by a mysterious noise and decides to get up and check it out. Walking through cramped corridors towards another mysterious room, we get some subtle atmospheric scares in the form of rats knocking over a box, and brief, yet creepy, distortions on a painting as it’s uncovered.

The video goes on to show other horror elements that players will encounter such as the ability to use a lantern to defend yourself from strange, formless foes, and locations changing around you in a variety of unsettling ways, like normal hallways turning into gross, squelching, decaying hallways.

As previously revealed by Bloober Team, Layers of Fear is the “final spine-chilling story” in the Layers of Fear saga and features Layers of Fear, Layers of Fear 2, all DLC (including ‘The Final Note’ DLC), along with a new, never-before-told story of The Writer. Including all of this content together, Layers of Fear will seemingly help weave the stories of protagonists including The Painter, The Actor, and The Writer into a connected storyline.

We look forward to digging even deeper into Layers of Fear later this year, with the game targeting a June 2023 release. An exact release date has yet to be shared, but it’s noted that Layers of Fear will be available on platforms including Xbox Series X|S, PS5, and PC.

For more on Bloober Team and Layers of Fears, be sure to brush up on some of our previous coverage including Layers of Fears dropping the extra “s” and targeting a June 2023 release window, and Bloober Team reassuring fans it won't “miss the point” as it helps remake Silent Hill 2 for Konami.

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