Bloober Team assures fans it won't 'miss the point' as it remakes Silent Hill 2

Bloober's Anna Jasinska shared that the team feels the pressure of Silent Hill 2's remake, but will stay faithful to the original story.


If ever there was a remake that needed to get it right lest it face the fury of longtime fans, Silent Hill 2 is definitely one of them. Bloober Team knows that too, and while the challenge of remaking one of the most beloved horror games of all time is daunting, the team isn’t shying away. In a recent interview, Bloober Team Chief Marketing Officer Anna Jasińska attempted to assure fans that Bloober will handle the product with utmost respect and stay faitful to the original, even as it livens up the gameplay and visuals.

Jasińska recently spoke to the Silent Hill 2 remake and Bloober’s commitment to it in a chat with DreadXP. When asked about apprehension in regarding the development of the remake, Jasińska admitted that the team most certainly feels it. It’s also humbled because out of many studios and pitches for a Silent Hill game, Bloober’s design was one of the few that were chosen by Konami, and probably one of the biggest reveals to come out of 2022’s Silent Hill showcase.

Pyramid Head from Silent Hill 2
Bloober Team has some big shoes to fill as it aims to recreate iconic elements of the Silent Hill franchise such as Pyramid Head.
Source: Bloober Team

Jasińska goes on to share that the team respects the source material immensely and is going out of its way to create something fans will hopefully love.

A part of all of that, and one point that fans are highly concerned about, is making sure all of Silent Hill 2’s nuance is captured. This is especially true regarding its approach to mental illness, guilt, and the manifestation of monsters from character traumas. Jasińska claims the team has heard the concerns and will not fail to deliver.

With the Silent Hill 2 remake expected in a near future, it will interesting to see if Bloober can stick the landing. For more updates on the game, stay tuned to Shacknews.

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