Emmett Shear reveals he's stepping down as CEO of Twitch

After 16 years at Twitch, Emmett Shear is stepping down as CEO with Twitch president Dan Clancy set to take his place.


In a surprising and somewhat unexpected announcement on the Twitch blog, CEO and co-founder of Twitch, Emmett Shear, revealed he’s stepping down from the position after 16 years.

In the blog post, Shear opens by talking about the origins of the platform including how Justin.tv transformed into Twitch, and how Twitch eventually became a fully owned subsidiary of Amazon.

Now former Twitch CEO Emmett Shear participating in a talk with TechCrunch
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Shear then goes on to outline reasons for his departure, notably the birth of his first child and wanting to be “fully there” for his son. It’s then revealed that while Shear will remain at Twitch in an advisory role, Twitch president Dan Clancy has been tapped to take his place as CEO.

Twitch art from Emmett Shear's blog post with text that reads, See you in Chat.
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The shift is an immediate one with Shear noting that Dan Clancy “will fully step into the role of CEO, effective immediately.” The blog post concludes with Shear thanking a number of people who’ve helped make Twitch what it is today, and expressing a deep sense of gratitude to the streamers who trusted the platform in its early days with their content and communities, along with “all the streamers who have continued to do so to this day.”

It’s sad to see Shear step down as CEO, but is also reassuring to hear that he’ll remain at the company in an advisory position, and has confidence in Dan Clancy to fulfill the CEO role in his stead. For more on Emmett Shear’s departure, be sure to read through his full post on the Twitch blog. Also check out some of our previous coverage on Twitch including Kai Cenat breaking Twitch’s subscription record, and how TwitchCon 2023 is hosting events in Paris and Las Vegas later this year.

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