Qualcomm says ChatGPT a 'milestone for establishing Qualcomm as an AI company'

The company sees ChatGPT as an opportunity to showcase the capabilities of AI on smartphones.


With the rise of ChatGPT comes a number of companies not only taking notice, but also pivoting to fully embrace the era of AI. One such company is Qualcomm, who recently spoke about ChatGPT, calling it a milestone as well as an opportunity to showcase the capabilities of AI on smartphones.

"This is the milestone we've been waiting for to establish Qualcomm as an AI company," Cristiano Amon told CNBC at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Amon further elaborates that large-language models will be able to be generated within smartphones, allowing them to work even when there’s no internet connection.

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Moving forward, Amon notes that he believes smart glasses to be the next frontier of computing thanks to the ability to merge “physical and digital spaces.” He cites an example scenario where users will have companion glasses to their phone and that “eventually you’re just going to have the glasses.”

Amon goes on to remark on the potential being incredible before asserting that it’s “going to happen, it’s coming very soon.” Moving forward it’ll be interesting to see how OpenAI’s chatbot ChatGPT and AI as a whole influences what companies invest their time and money into.

Now that you’re caught up on Qualcomm’s interest in AI, we’ve got a few other examples of companies dipping their toes into the waters of AI including Snapchat which is launching its own ChatGPT bot called My AI, and NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang recently stating that AI is at an inflection point.

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