How to fast travel - Wild Hearts

Fast travel around the map in Wild Hearts to chase down your prey or help make farming resources a breeze.

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Running around the world of Wild Hearts is lovely, but sometimes all you want to do is fast travel to where you need to go. The good news is that fast travel is available in the game. Better yet, it’s easy to set up and can get you just about anywhere.

How to fast travel

Wild Hearts will let you fast travel to any tent on the map. It’s really as simple as that. If you’ve unlocked a Dragon Pit and placed a tent, it will now act as a fast travel point for you wherever you are. You do not need to be at another tent, you can be out and about and zip back to it instantly. Even your friends can use your fast travel points when they’re playing co-op with you. Just open the map, highlight the tent, and press the Travel prompt.

A tent fast travel point in Wild Hearts
Place a tent at any Dragon Pit and it will act as a fast travel point. Open the map and select it to fast travel!
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The tricky part comes in actually working out where to place tents. Maps in Wild Hearts only have a handful of Dragon Pits, and you won’t be able to place a tent at all of them as each tent takes up a considerable amount of resources.

Because of this, you should try and pick locations with high traffic, places where you can reach multiple areas, or spread them out. A good idea is to place down a tent and then have a series of Flying Vines feeding off in different directions to help you cross the gaps. This ensures you have a good spread of fast travel points and can cross any chasms where no tent can be found.

In terms of increasing how many fast travel points you can place down, the only way is to unlock more Dragon Pits. Each one you unlock will add more resources to the map’s pool. It’s also worth noting that some tents will be more expensive in one location than another.

There’s plenty to consider when setting up tents, but once it’s done, you’ll have plenty of ways to fast travel in Wild Hearts. Take a moment to read over our Wild Hearts page for more help in hunting down the Kemono.

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