How to play co-op with friends - Wild Hearts

Start a party, invite your friends, and enjoy some co-op hunting in Wild Hearts.

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Playing Wild Hearts with friends is one of the best ways to experience the game. Thankfully, setting up a co-op session and inviting friends to your party is incredibly easy. You can play co-op as soon as you get through the opening tutorial, fight the boss, and reach the new area. Here’s what you need to know about setting up a co-op session or joining one!

How to setup a party session

Before you can invite friends, you must create a session, which is essentially a party for other players to join. This process begins as soon as you can create a campfire at a Dragon Pit. With a campfire placed, you can access the online play, create a session, and have your friends join:

  1. Place a campfire at a Dragon Pit location you’ve claimed
  2. Rest at the campfire by holding the appropriate button
  3. Select Play Online from the list
  4. Choose Create Session to form your own party or Search Session to find a friend’s
  5. Enter Party Tags and other information, Password will prevent random players from joining
Player resting at a campfire with Play Online option highlighted
Rest at a campfire and then select Play Online to begin creating a co-op session or searching for one.
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First, locate a Dragon Pit. These are dotted all over the map and appear as a column of energy with branches poking out of the ground. Claim the Dragon Pit and then use the Karakuri menu to place a Campfire. On Xbox this is done by holding LB and pressing a direction on the D-pad.

Add a couple of Party Tags so your friends can filter their search.
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When the campfire is created, approach it and rest. From the menu, select the Play Online option to be taken to a new screen. From here you can choose Create Session which allows others to join you or use the Search Session to find your friend’s party.

Select Create Session and enter a Party Tag. This will allow your friends to use the filter system which will make it easy to find your party. You can input a password to ensure random players can’t join.

How to invite a friend

Find your friend's name on the list and select them. Choose the option to Invite to Session.
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With the session created, you can now send out invites to your friends. Open up the map and navigate to the Communication tab. Go to the Friend List subsection and locate your friend’s name. You may need to press the appropriate button to Switch Platforms if they are playing on something different to you.

If your friend is not on the list, use the Player Search function. Enter their name and the game should find them. Select your friends name and choose to send them an invite.

How to join a game

Use the Search Session button to find your friend's game.
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Alternatively, you can always join your friend’s game. If they send you an invite, accept it and you will join them wherever they are in the world. If you can’t seem to get an invite, use a can use a campfire to search for their session.

Locate a campfire, select Play Online, and then choose the Search Sessions button. In this new screen, enter the Party Tags your friend chose to filter out irrelevant games. This should help you find their party if there are quite a few to search through. Select their game and enter the password if one was set.

Hunter’s Gate

The player stands at a Hunter's Gate

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Another way to join a game is to use a Hunter’s Gate. These are dotted around the map and will connect you with another random player to hunt a specific monster. Approach a gate, select the prey you wish to hunt, and confirm your choice. Wild Hearts will then connect you with someone else.

With your party and session all set up and your friends invited, you should be well on your way to playing Wild Hearts co-op. The game features crossplay between all platforms, which means you can play however you want. Be sure to keep it locked to Shacknews as we bring you more guides to help you on your way.

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