How to use the Flying Vine - Wild Hearts

Get around the world faster by creating and using the Flying Vine karakuri in Wild Hearts.

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Wild Hearts has many wonderful karakuri for players to use and one of the most useful is the Flying Vine. Acting as a zipline, this device lets you move back and forth between two locations, regardless of whether you’re descending or ascending.

How to build & use the Flying Vine

The Flying Vine karakuri is unlocked once you begin hunting the Kingtusk as part of the main story. It can be used to reach the plateau where the Kingtusk is located or placed wherever you want on the map, provided you have enough resources from the Dragon Pits.

The hunter building a flying vine across a bridge

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To build a Flying Vine, hold the karakuri button (LB on Xbox, L1 on PlayStation) and press up on the D-pad. Navigate to the Flying Vine karakuri using left and right on the D-pad and then hold the Place button to construct it. Note that a Flying Vine requires there to be enough of the green leaf resource.

When the zipline device is built, approach it and hold the button to enter the firing mode. Aim around the world to where you want to shoot the zipline. A white reticle means it is aiming at an eligible surface. If the reticle is red it will not fire.

The player riding a flying vine across a broken bridge
Use the weapon sheath and jump button at the same time to grab onto the Flying Vine and zip across it.
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To actually ride the Flying Vine, press the weapon sheath and jump buttons at the same time. This is RB + A on Xbox or R1 + Cross on PlayStation. Your hunter will leap onto the line and begin traversing the distance. You do not have to keep holding the buttons. While you are zipping along, use the movement input to change your speed or stop and go back the other direction.

Unlocking and using the Flying Vine is one of the best ways to get around the world of Wild Hearts. Set up as many of these ziplines as you can to help you cover great distances with ease. If you’re playing co-op with friends, they’ll be able to use your ziplines too. Swing by the Shacknews Wild Hearts page for more help.

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