MarioGPT uses GPT2 AI tech to create Super Mario levels

Developers using GPT2 have created 'MarioGPT' which lets you create classic Super Mario levels using text prompts.


If you’ve ever wondered about the capabilities of AI tech like ChatGPT and GPT2, you may be intrigued to hear about a new creation that’ll help you create classic Super Mario levels via text prompts. As reported by outlets like Dexerto, a group of developers recently created “MarioGPT” which uses GPT2 trained on the original Super Mario Bros and The Lost Levels.

Unlike ChatGPT, MarioGPT is a bit more complex to jump in and use as it requires a fair amount of technical and game development knowledge in order to get everything set up and ready to generate functional levels. That said, the developers were kind enough to share detailed instructions on GitHub for those itching to test out MarioGPT for themselves.

Text prompt examples as shared by the MarioGPT developers showing things like levels with mostly blocks, and levels with many enemies
© shyamsn97, mario-gpt

In an example image included with these instructions, text prompt samples are shared to help give users a better idea as to what generates what. For example, “many pipes, many enemies, little blocks, low elevation” to create a more complicated level and “no pipes, no enemies, many blocks” for a level focused primarily on platforming.

They also shared an image that breaks down how MarioGPT works with notes on how MarioGPT is a “fine tuned version of the distilled GPT2 language model.”

Image breakdown of how MarioGPT works as shared by the developers showing how it uses GPT2 and things like a frozen text encoder
© shyamsn97, mario-gpt

If all of this has you eager to try out MarioGPT, be sure to check out the full instructions and setup process as provided by the developers on GitHub. And for more on ChatGPT and AI tech, be sure to read through some of our previous coverage including how to sign up for Bing that uses ChatGPT AI, and how ChatGPT's AI recently took a Master of Business Administration (MBA) exam and passed.

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