How to sign up for Bing that uses ChatGPT AI

Bing will be powered by ChatGPT, delivering more in-depth answers. Here's how to sign up and join the waitlist.


Searching for information on the internet is about to get a more personal touch with the new Bing. Microsoft is preparing to release Bing powered by OpenAI’s ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence that will be able to provide more detailed answers to your search queries. Interested parties can sign up to join the waitlist, which will give them access to the new Bing.

How to sign up for new Bing

Signing up for the new Bing is as simple heading to Bing and selecting the sign up button. In fact, if you want to move up in the waitlist there are some ways to access the new search system faster. To begin with:

The new Bing page with a sign up button
Users can join the waitlist to be a part of the first people to try out Microsoft's new Bing that can deliver ChatGPT-powered responses.
Source: Shacknews

Congratulations! You have signed up to access the new Bing search engine powered by ChatGPT. This new search will let you get more detailed responses and even ask follow-up questions to gain new insight into your query. The new Bing page also has some examples of what you might ask and the answers the program will offer.

To get access to new Bing faster, click the new button that says “Access the new Bing faster”. On this next page you will be directed to do two things: Set Microsoft defaults on your PC and scan a QR code to install the Microsoft Bing App. The first one, Microsoft defaults, refers to Microsoft programs like Edge being used as your default program for web browsing.

Microsoft also has a helpful support document on Bing. This FAQ breaks down a few answers to commonly asked questions, including how to new Bing generates responses, the differences between it and regular search engines, and more.

For more on the technology that is powering this new Bing, check out our ChatGPT page. There’s also Google’s own Bard technology for more healthy competition in the search engine industry!

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