Back 4 Blood has no further content planned as Turtle Rock moves on to next game

Turtle Rock Studios revealed that it is working on a new game and doesn't have the bandwidth to make more Back 4 Blood content simultaneously.

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Turtle Rock Studios had some good news and some bad news for fans today. The good news? The studio is working on a new game. The bad news? It doesn’t have the people available to work on both that new game and new Back 4 Blood content. And so it goes that Turtle Rock is focusing its efforts on producing its next game as it confirms there will be no more new content for Back 4 Blood.

Turtle Rock Studios made this announcement in official statement on its website on February 2, 2023. According to the studio, the challenge of stretching itself between the new game it’s working on and new Back 4 Blood content was just too much of a burden. With the Tunnels of Terror, Children of the Worm, and River of Blood expansions out the door, Turtle Rock feels good about sunsetting new content on the game and moving on.

Turtle Rock Studios statement on no more new Back 4 Blood content.
Turtle Rock Studios confirmed that working on a new game means it doesn't have the manpower to make more Back 4 Blood content.
Source: Turtle Rock Studios

Turtle Rock goes on to say that “this is not goodbye” for Back 4 Blood. The team will still maintain the game and keep its servers running, as well as offering it on PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium Tiers and Xbox Game Pass. It just means there won’t be any new things like the aforementioned DLC expansions.

Back 4 Blood wasn’t the most fun we’ve ever had with a Turtle Rock Studios game, but it was a solid return to form for the developers. Despite its issues it cleaned up well after launch and went on to become our Shacknews Best Co-Op Game of 2021.

With that said, Turtle Rock hasn’t showed hide or hair of what it has planned next. With Back 4 Blood content complete for the time being, we’ll look forward to seeing what Turtle Rock reveals next. Stay tuned for details here at Shacknews.

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