Back 4 Blood 'Children of the Worm' expansion adds new Cleaner & Act

The DLC includes a new playable character, new Act 5 campaign, enemies, weapons, cosmetics, and more.


Back 4 Blood’s second expansion, Children of the Worm, is set to release later this month on August 30 and with it comes a number of exciting additions such as a new Cleaner, new Act, and more.

A sneak peek of what’s to come with the Children of the Worm expansion was shared today on the official Back 4 Blood social channels and outlines more of what fans should expect content-wise.

Starting with the new Cleaner, Back 4 Blood players will be able to play as “Prophet” Dan who’s described as a gun-toting, self-proclaimed end of times preacher. To test this Cleaner and see how he stacks up against other Cleaners, players will also be able to enjoy the new Act 5 campaign.

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To spice things up even more, the DLC adds new enemies to the mix along with new weapons to help keep you alive such as the Lockjaw rifle and Bear Trap, alongside other new accessories and cards. And, if cosmetics are your thing, you can also look forward to eight exclusive character skins and 12 exclusive weapon skins in the Children of the Worm DLC.

For those on the fence about purchasing the DLC but who are also curious about checking it out a bit more, Turtle Rock has noted (as reported by VGC) that if one player in a Back 4 Blood party has the Children of The Worm unlocked, all players in that party will have access to the DLC’s content, even if they haven’t purchased it themselves.

This certainly sounds convenient for those who prefer to try before they buy as it gives you the opportunity to do just that so long as you have a friend who’s more inclined to purchase DLC than you are, or who already owns the Annual Pass for Back 4 Blood. If you currently have the Annual Pass for Back 4 Blood, you’ll get the Children of the Worm expansion for free. If not, it’ll be available for purchase separately.

We imagine more information about the Children of the Worm DLC will be shared closer to its August 30 release date. Until then, what do you think of some of the new additions as part of the latest Back 4 Blood DLC? Let us know in Chatty! For more Back 4 Blood news, also be sure to read through some of our previous coverage including info on the game’s previous Tunnels of Terror DLC featuring new Ridden hives, Cleaners, and gear.

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