How to pet the dog for the Guardian's Best Friend Triumph - Destiny 2

Every step you must take to pet the dog for the Guardian's Best Friend Triumph in Destiny 2.


The Guardian’s Best Friend Triumph in Destiny 2 is awarded for petting a dog. In fact, this is a special mechanical dog! Being able to pet the dog will take a bit of work, including unlocking an Exotic weapon, destroying security drones, and then playing the Operation: Seraph’s Shield mission. Here’s what you need to do.

  1. Unlock Operation: Seraph’s Shield
  2. Acquire Revision Zero Exotic Pulse Rifle
  3. Destroy all 50 Security Drones
  4. Replay Operation: Seraph’s Shield, unlock the door, pet the dog

Guardian’s Best Friend Triumph

Getting the Guardian’s Best Friend Triumph during Season of the Seraph will take a bit of work. This requires several other parts be unlocked first, including working through the campaign, unlocking the Exotic mission, acquiring the Exotic Pulse Rifle, and destroying all 50 security drones.

Step 1: Complete Season of the Seraph campaign

Step 23 in the Season of the Seraph campaign that unlocks Operation Seraph's Shield

Source: Shacknews

You will need to work through the Season of the Seraph campaign until you unlock the Operation: Seraph’s Shield Exotic quest. This quest is available at Step 23. You will also need various Exo Frame upgrades that are unlocked as you complete more of the campaign.

Step 2: Unlock Revision Zero

The Revision Zero Exotic Pulse Rifle
Revision Zero is needed to destroy all 50 Security Drones.
Source: Bungie

Unlocking Revision Zero, the Exotic Pulse Rifle, is as easy as completing Operation: Seraph’s Shield. Just work your way through the mission, defeat the bosses, upload the virus, and claim your shiny new weapon. There are four Exotic catalysts for Revision Zero, though, this is not needed for this particular Triumph.

Step 3: Destroy all 50 Security Drones

A Security Drone in Perdition on Europa
There are 50 Security Drones hidden throughout Destiny 2. Destroying them all lets you access a new area in Operation: Seraph's Shield.
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This step will require a bit of work. You must destroy all 50 Security Drones that are hidden throughout the Moon, Europa, the three Heist Battleground activities, and in Operation: Seraph’s Shield. You will need the Security Clearance and Tactical Armor upgrades from the Exo Frame in order to access these drones.

Step 4: Operation: Seraph’s Shield locked door

The locked door in Operation Seraph's Shield that leads to the dog
Once all 50 drones are gone, you can unlock this door. Just work your way through it (it's quite linear) and at the end is the dog!
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With all 50 Security Drones destroyed, you will be able to unlock a new door in Operation: Seraph’s Shield. This door is beside where you finally defeat the first boss (the second time you fight him). The room has reddish floors and white walls. The door you must go through has 50 lights on a panel beside it.

Go through this door and work your way through the area. You must pass through lasers and solve more hologram puzzles – both of which you should be familiar with by now. Step on the teleporter to get to a new area. Your goal now is to work down this long hallway, following the footprints of the dog. This is a long section but at the end you will find the dog in a final room.

Interact with the dog to activate the “Good Boy Protocol”. This will unlock the Guardian’s Best Friend Triumph and transmat the dog to the H.E.L.M. where you can continue to pet it.

With the mechanic dog saved and back in the H.E.L.M., you can pet the dog whenever you please! For more Triumph guides and everything else you need to know, read over our Destiny 2 strategy guide.

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