Granblue Fantasy: Versus Rising comes to PC & PlayStation with crossplay in 2023

The game will also feature the entire original game's cast, new characters, new stories, new stages, and Fall Guys-like minigames in its online lobbies.


It would appear that CyGames and Arc System Works are in the end game of a very exciting update for their Granblue Fantasy: Versus collaboration this year. The duo just announced Granblue Fantasy: Versus Rising, which is a new edition of the game coming in 2023 that will feature a new story, charactes, stages, crossplay, and some oddball additions to the online lobbies in the form of Grand Bruise Legends.

CyGames and Arc System Works announced Granblue Fantasy: Versus Rising with the launch of the game’s website and a new trailer. Granblue Fantasy: Versus Rising is an enhanced version of the JRPG-inspired fighter coming to PS4, PS5, and PC in 2023. The game will feature crossplay between all platforms, as well as the entire previous game’s cast (plus DLC fighters), new characters to master, rollback netcode, a new story mode to explore, and fresh stages to fight in. In addition, much of the visuals have been enhanced with better effects and tweaks throughout. If that wasn’t interesting enough, there’s also going to be a Fall Guys-like minigame mode called Grand Bruise Legends.

Grand Bruise Legends will be confined to Grandblue Fantasy: Versus Rising’s online lobbies, giving players a new activity to explore while they wait for a fight. It will pit players against each other in a multitude of obstacle courses and challenges in which the last player standing wins. It is most definitely inspired by Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, but it doesn’t look like a bad way to spend downtime between matches either, and completely optional if you aren’t interested.

Grand Bruise Legends minigame
Grand Bruise Legends is a new way to pass the time in online lobbies as you await new matches and fights.
Source: CyGames

Granblue Fantasy: Versus was a pretty great collab by Arc System Works and CyGames, and has continued to grow alongside new content for the RPG over the years. With Granblue Fantasy: Versus Rising on the way in 2023, it seems Granblue and fighting fans alike have something fun to look forward to alongside Street Fighter 6 this year.

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