Wizards of the Coast revises divisive Open Gaming License (OGL) plans

Controversial plans including ones that would've allowed WoTC to profit off third-party content have been walked back following a wave of backlash from D&D fans.


Wizards of the Coast (WoTC) sparked backlash and calls for boycott over plans to make adjustments to its Open Gaming License (OGL). As revealed by a leaked document last week, the proposed changes sought to place greater restrictions on the sort of content Dungeons & Dragons creators are able to produce with creators required to report their products directly to WoTC.

It also would have reportedly allowed WoTC to profit off the content published under the OGL with things like a 25 percent royalty fee for creators making over $750,000. Now, a new statement regarding updates to the game’s OGL has been shared that seemingly walks back many of the company’s more controversial plans.

WoTC now assures that creators won’t be required to pay royalties as the previously leaked document suggested. Additionally, WoTC acknowledges that it “rolled a 1” with the way the changes it planned to make were presented while asserting it had always planned to take community input and feedback into account.

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WoTC goes on to outline how the next OGL will feature provisions that allow it to “protect and cultivate the inclusive environment we are trying to build” while also specifying that it exclusively covers content for TTRPGs. Other expressions including creative content like livestreams, cosplay, and educational campaigns will “remain unaffected by any OGL update.” Additionally, content already released under 1.0a will remain unaffected. The updated OGL won’t contain a royalty structure, nor will it include “the license back provision that some people were afraid was a means for us to steal work.”

Overall, it’s nice to hear WoTC taking the negative feedback to its original OGL changes into account. For more on the company’s plans to update its OGL, be sure to read through the full statement on D&D Beyond. For more on Dungeons & Dragons, also check out some of our previous coverage including Paramount+ announcing a new Dungeons & Dragons live-action series, and how D&D publisher Wizards of the Coast has reportedly canceled five games as it works to scale back on its gaming efforts.

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