Stardew Valley update 1.5 now available on iOS & Android

The 1.5 update has finally been made available for Stardew Valley on mobile devices including iOS and Android along with an assortment of bug fixes.


If you’re someone who enjoys playing Stardew Valley on mobile, a spot of good news was shared recently by developer Eric “ConcernedApe” Barone who announced that version 1.5 is finally making its way onto Android and iOS devices. Interestingly, Barone notes on Twitter that “1.5 mobile is, to some degree, a completely new rewrite of the mobile app.”

He then goes on to explain that this rewrite was necessary for several reasons before encouraging players to report any bugs they experience within the thread. While the version 1.5 update is new to mobile, it’s not new to Stardew Valley itself as the update previously rolled out on PC and console platforms back in 2020 and 2021.

Adding to this, we previously reported on how Barone had made the choice to self-publish Stardew Valley mobile along with the 1.5 update himself back in March of 2022 rather than rely on a third-party publisher. Given that Barone has been working on bringing the 1.5 update to mobile without any major external help, along with previous mention of legal issues and a change in teams having slowed things down, it makes sense that the update took this long to release on mobile.

Update 1.5 is also a massive one for Stardew Valley, adding new locations like Ginger Island along with a feathery farm animal, new farm layouts, and improved home renovations. You can read through the full patch notes for the 1.5 update here as provided with its release on PC and consoles.

Promo image for Stardew Valley and the 1.5 update showing the game's name on a background with tropical birds and trees to represent the new area, Ginger Island
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Additionally, patch notes about bug fixes for Stardew Valley on mobile were also provided with one small patch on January 7 and another on January 8 to help smooth out 1.5’s mobile release. We’ve included these bug fix patch notes for you below.

1/7 6:30 PM PST:

The first bug-fix patch is incoming, and includes:

  • Fixed crash involving children
  • Auto-grabber inventories now function properly
  • Fixed toolbar being stuck when using toolbar padding
  • Fixed Junimos not depositing their harvests into the hut
  • Virtual buttons no longer draw during intro
  • Horse is now easier to dismount
  • Foraging while on a horse is now re-enabled
  • Fixed issue where you could get stuck outside the map if you dismounted a horse
  • Fixed inability to tap geodes onto Clint's anvil
  • Increased size of Korean text
  • Added Chinese language back into the game

1/8 8:00PM PST:

The second bug fix patch is incoming:

  • Fixed crash if you "emergency load" and have junimo huts
  • Fixed issue where NPC's were found in strange places, and walking where they aren't supposed to
  • Fixed issue where the horse was missing after an emergency load
  • Fixed issue where shipping bin deposits would be lost after an emergency load
  • Fixed animals getting stuck outside and becoming upset
  • Fixed issue where cursors were showing up in menus
  • Fixed inability to advance text during the "Solarian Chronicles" event
  • Fixed issue where auto-grabbers were erroneously showing as "full"
  • Restored the missing starter quest
  • Tapping on supply crates now auto-selects an appropriate tool
  • Fixed pathfinding issue with the secret fishing spot in the Beach Farm
  • "Add items to stacks" button added to chests

All in all, it’s exciting to hear that update 1.5 for Stardew Valley is available on mobile. Are you someone who plays Stardew Valley on mobile? What do you think of the update news? Let us know in Chatty. Also, be sure to read through some of our previous coverage as well including our initial report on Stardew Valley mobile being self-published by ConcernedApe, and details about a new game that ConcernedApe is working on called Haunted Chocolatier.

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