Stardew Valley mobile is now being self-published by ConcernedApe

The Stardew Valley 1.5 update is still coming to Android devices, but legal issues and a change in dev teams has slowed things down.


Despite his active work on new projects, Eric “ConcernedApe” Barone has a vested interest in closing out Stardew Valley properly on all platforms. Notably, that includes getting one of the last major updates over to mobile devices, but it’s proving harder than he may have expected. As a result, ConcernedApe has dropped outside publishers to self-publish Stardew Valley mobile and promises Update 1.5 is still coming to Android devices, despite alleged legal and developmental setbacks.

ConcernedApe shared an update on Stardew Valley mobile, its publishing status, and Update 1.5 in recent Twitter posts. According to ConcernedApe, it begins with the fact that he will be self-publishing Stardew Valley on mobile starting immediately. What does that mean? Well, Update 1.5 will take a bit longer, but Barone promises the update is still coming. It was in a further tweet that Barone revealed that there had been legal issues and a change in teams that slowed things down, but he remains dedicated to the update making it to Android devices.

The admittance of legal issues makes Stardew Valley mobile’s situation sound messy to say the least. More than anything, ConcernedApe shared seemingly equal concern about the fact that the team working Update 1.5 for Stardew Valley’s mobile version was taking longer to meet milestones than expected.

Despite his dedication to ensuring Update 1.5 makes it to Stardew Valley on Android devices, it should also be mentioned that ConcernedApe is splitting his time between overseeing the mobile update’s release, as well as work on new project Haunted Chocolatier, which was announced in late 2021. While no release window has been given to Haunted Chocolatier, it has been reported that major portions of the game are being coded from scratch.

Nonetheless, ConcernedApe has suggested that he won’t leave mobile Stardew Valley players hanging, and taking on self-publishing might be a good sign of that. Stay tuned as we await further updates on Update 1.5 coming to Stardew Valley on Android devices.

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