Mario Strikers: Battle League's final free update features Birdo & Bowser Jr.

Mario Strikers: Battle League's last free update brings Birdo and Bowser Jr into play with new Shellfish Gear and the Urban Rooftop field.


It looks like we’re coming up on a final free content update for Mario Strikers: Battle League. That said, that last content update looks to be another doozy for fans of the game. In the closing free update for Battle League, players will be able to add Birdo and Bowser Jr. to their rosters. They’ll also be able to dress their team in the new Shellfish Gear and play in the Urban Rooftop Field when the update launches this week.

Nintendo shared details on the latest free update for Mario Strikers: Battle League via various Twitter channels, but it was the Nintendo of Europe Twitter that stated this would be the last free update for the game. Even so, it’s another big update. Bowser Jr. looks set to support your team on the way down the field with middle-road speed and strength, but higher-than-average passing. Meanwhile, Birdo looks to be a point player. She doesn’t have a lot going for strength, speed, or passing, but she has great technique and shoots like a star for strong goal potential.

Mario Strikers: Battle League 3rd Free Update including Bowser Jr. and Birdo.
Bowser Jr., Birdo, the Shellfish Gear, and the Urban Rooftop stadium are all coming to Mario Strikers: Battle League on December 13.
Source: Nintendo

Alongside these two players comes the new Shellfish Gear. If you’re looking to up the speed and technique of your squad, this will be the gear to equip. It can turn even the most honest characters into quick tricksters. Finally, rounding out this content update is the new Urban Rooftop field. Players will hit the turf on top of a big city skyscraper with all of the glitz and glam that brings. The new update is set to launch on December 13, 2022, and is said to be the last free content update for Mario Strikers: Battle League. It remains to be seen if the game will get paid content down the line.

Nonetheless, with the new Mario Strikers: Battle League content coming this week, be ready to see what you can bring into your star squad again. You can also check out our review of the game and previous updates featuring characters like Daisy and Diddy Kong.

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