Fall Guys adds 3 new Street Fighter costumes to the game

A new World Warriors trailer revealed three Street Fighter-inspired costumes available in the Fall Guys store from November 26 through November 30.


If you’ve been hankering for some cool new costumes for your Beans in Fall Guys, you’re in luck as the game is offering three Street Fighter-inspired costumes from November 26 through November 30 in the game’s online store.

The costumes were first revealed in a fun “World Warriors” trailer that dropped on November 26. In the trailer, cosmetics based around Street Fighter characters including Cammy, Ryu, and Akuma were shown.

Not only can you grab new Street Fighter costumes, but other related accessories are available as well including PLAYER SELECT Nameplates, Hadouken and Shoryuken Emotes, and Nicknames.

Pricing wise, you can expect to spend as little as 400 Show-Bucks for Emotes like Hadouken, around 800 Show-Bucks for costume sets based around aforementioned Street Fighter characters including Ryu, Cammy, and Akuma, up to 1000 Show-Bucks for character bundles like Ryu’s Bundle, and 1200 Show-Bucks for things like the Cammy & Akuma Bundle.

For those unfamiliar, Show-Bucks are a form of premium currency in Fall Guys that can be acquired by exchanging real money, with 1000 Show-Bucks priced around $7.99 (USD). For more information, be sure to check out what’s available in the Fall Guys Store

Now that you’re caught up on the new Street Fighter-related cosmetics in Fall Guys, brush up on some of our previous coverage including Fall Guys: Season 3's Sunken Secrets including SpongeBob and Skyrim cosmetics, and the Destiny 2 cosmetics revealed for Fall Guys back in September.

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