Desta: The Memories Between jumping to PC and Switch in 2023

Previously a Netflix exclusive, the latest effort from the makers of Monument Valley will come to more traditional platforms next year.

Ustwo Games

Earlier this year, Ustwo Games announced its next big title. The makers of Monument Valley and Alba: A Wildlife Adventure revealed a new turn-based tactical roguelike called Desta: The Memories Between. Days later, the game was revealed to be exclusive to Netflix Games, but that exclusivity window appears to be ending. Following its appearance at Wednesday's Indie World presentation, the developers noted that Desta would also be coming to Nintendo Switch and PC.

First announced back in June at Summer Game Fest 2022, Desta: The Memories Between follows the non-binary lead character, who awakens in a strange realm with only an old ball from their childhood. Desta must use the ball to engage in tactical ball games with various characters in order to advance the story, helping them fill in the blanks of their memories and ultimately come to terms with who they are.

Shortly after Desta: The Memories Between was revealed, the game was announced as a Netflix Games exclusive. It released in late September on iOS and Android, but it was only playable for Netflix members. The game is set to receive substantial updates in the weeks ahead, the first of them being Challenge Mode, which is expected to arrive over the next few days.

Taking part in a friendly boss battle in Desta: The Memories Between

Source: Ustwo Games

Ustwo notes that Desta is built for handheld gaming, making it not only ideal for its current mobile platforms, but also for the hybrid Nintendo Switch. The upcoming Steam version may or may not be able to be experienced the same way, as the developers have not confirmed Steam Deck compatibility just yet. However, the team does note that the Steam version of Desta will support 4K resolution.

Desta: The Memories Between is coming to PC (via Steam) and Nintendo Switch in early 2023. More details are expected in the months ahead.

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