Desta: The Memories Between is the next game from the makers of Monument Valley

Pick up your ball and jump into the latest title from the team behind Monument Valley and Alba: A Wildlife Adventure.


The team at Ustwo Games has been captivating players' imaginations with its previous titles, Monument Valley and Alba: A Wildlife Adventure. Now it's time to tap into past memories with the studio's latest project. It's a turn-based tactical roguelike game called Desta: The Memories Between.

Revealed during the Summer Game Fest: Day of the Devs presentation, Desta: The Memories Between follows the title character and her journey home after having left on less-than-amicable terms. After returning home and seeing the many fractured relationships before them, Desta eventually falls asleep with an old ball from their childhood. This takes Desta into a strange realm between the waking world and the dream world. Using the ball as a tool during tactical battles, Desta confronts their haunted memories and sets out to repair their many broken relationships.

Described as part tactical strategy game, part roguelike, and part sports game, Desta: The Memories Between appears to be a much deeper title, both in terms of gameplay and story, than Ustwo's predecessors. Players will deal with the themes of loss, depression, broken friendships, and many more while taking part in various game mechanics that blend together different genres.

Desta: The Memories Between reveal

There aren't many other details to reveal about Desta: The Memories Between. There is no release window, nor are there confirmed platforms, though if the Day of the Devs segment is anything to go by, expect to see it on PC and mobile devices. Ustwo is promising more information about Desta in the weeks ahead, so we'll keep an eye on that here at Shacknews. This is not all we'll be seeing from Thursday's Day of the Devs presentaion, so follow us for more news and updates.

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