Pokemon Scarlet & Violet linking with Pokemon Go confirmed for 2023

It's been confirmed by Nintendo and The Pokemon Company that Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will be able to link with Go in 2023.

Image via The Pokemon Company

With Pokemon Go’s supermassive success on mobile and its built-in ability to connect and share data with apps on other platforms, it’s been a large part of a lot of mainline Pokemon things. It seems that’s going to be the case with Pokemon Scarlet and Violet as well. The Pokemon Company and Nintendo have just confirmed that Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet is getting account linking with Pokemon Go and it’ll be coming in 2023.

The Pokemon Company announced this information via the official Pokemon Twitter on November 7, 2022. According to the announcement, players can look forward to linking their Pokemon Scarlet and Violet games with their Pokemon Go accounts if they have one. The launch of the service has no date at the moment. We only know that it will be coming in 2023. However, if it’s like previous Pokemon game and Go linking, that means we will likely be able to share some Pokemon between our rosters in the two apps. There will also likely be promotions with exclusive Pokemon that will only be available if Scarlet and Violet are linked with Go.

The tweet announcing account linking on Pokemon Scarlet and Violet and Pokemon Go, coming in 2023.
Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will be able to link to Pokemon Go in 2023, apparently in relation to a pokemon known as Gimmighoul.
Source: Twitter

It's worth noting, this hasn’t mentioned Pokemon Home, which would be the primary resource for linking and trading Pokemon, but support for that will likely come sooner than later. This announcement seems particularly related to a new Pokemon that was spotted in Go a few days ago. It was the first new Pokemon seen in the game from Scarlet and Violet, and now it seems to be tied to a promotion that will run between Scarlet, Violet, and Go in 2023, allowing players to catch a Pokemon Go exclusive variant of Gimmighoul.

There will likely be all sorts of promotions and events between Pokemon Violet and Scarlet and Pokemon Go. If you have an account in Go, then be sure to stay tuned for how to link it to Violet and Scarlet when the feature becomes available in 2023.

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