Ross Chastain pulled a NASCAR 2005 video game move in a real-life race

The move helped Chastain earn a qualifying spot in the 2022 NASCAR Cup Series championship.

During the NASCAR Cup playoffs at the Martinsville Speedway this past weekend, driver Ross Chastain pulled off a wild maneuver inspired by the GameCube title, NASCAR 05. The move in question was a wall ride, and it has since sparked excited conversations amid NASCAR enthusiasts and fans of racing games alike.

As outlandish as the “wall ride to the finish” might’ve seemed to other drivers including Kyle Larson who called it “embarrassing” in a recent interview, it nevertheless managed to help Chastain successfully pull from 10th place all the way up to 5th place during the final lap of the race.

As reported by outlets like Yahoo Sports, it’s noted that Chastain essentially accelerated and hugged the wall for the entirety of Turns 3 and 4, passing five other drivers and earning himself a spot in the 2022 Cup Series championship that’s set to take place on November 6 in Phoenix, Arizona.

When asked about the move, Chastain noted that he played a lot of NASCAR 05 with his brother growing up, and that he didn’t know if it was something that would actually work in real life. Despite this, he was willing to give it a try anyway.

Screenshot of Chastain performing a wall ride during a recent NASCAR race at Martinsville Speedway

The final results of the race saw Christopher Bell in first place, Kyle Larson in second place, Ryan Blaney in third, Brad Keselowski in fourth (though he was later disqualified, dropping him down to last place), and Ross Chastain in fifth place beating Denny Hamlin who came in sixth.

Overall, it’s exciting to see a video game-inspired wall ride maneuver not only pulled off successfully in real life, but to the point where it helped earn driver Ross Chastain a qualifying spot in the 2022 Cup Series championship.

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