Weekend Discussion - October 29, 2022

Two days left before Halloween!


Greetings, travelers. I am here to fill in for this Saturday edition of Weekend Discussion, so let's get underway!

If you missed the latest episode of Indie-licious, be sure to check it out here, on demand!

And Now... The Internet

Wait, WHAT? Read our story for more details on this stunning developmenmt.

This really has been a "What year is it?" kind of time in music, so of course, why not add a new Paramore album to the mix?

I had totally forgotten the Dante's Inferno game was ever a thing. Thanks, Matt McMuscles!

GDQ Hotfix had a blindfolded Breath of the Wild run!

Adult Swim gets into the holiday spirit with lots of Halloween gore.

Phelan Porteous looks back at the bizarre Grinch Halloween special and its infatuation with eyebrows.

And Denny brought this to your attention last week, but Wendell & Wild is now up on Netflix, so check it out.

Weekend Vibes

Speaking of Denny, let's keep the Weekend Vibes going! But it's Halloween, so we're starting with Danny Elfman!

And wrapping up with the classic video for Ghostbusters!

That's the end of this edition of Weekend Discussion. I'm actually here next Saturday, too, so I'll see you all then. For now, get into Shackpets and upload your favorite pet photos. Happy Halloween, all!

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