Chinese EV maker Xpeng's new XNGP system is set to compete with Tesla's Autopilot

XNGP is a semi-autonomous driver assistance system that will roll out in various electric vehicles before the end of 2022.

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It would appear that Tesla has some exceptional competition coming up in the driver assistance technology market. Xpeng, a Chinese electric vehicle maker based out of Guangzhou, has just unveiled XNGP. It’s said to be one of the most advanced semi-autonomous driving systems, coming into direct competition with Tesla’s Autopilot, and will be rolled out in various vehicles before the end of the year.

XNGP’s reveal took place during its 2022 Tech Day presentation on October 24, 2022, as reported by CNBC. It was during this presentation that Xpeng unveiled a number of new features and technologies, including the XNGP tech. Described as Xpeng’s “last step before full autonomous driving is realized,” this system has been described as a technological breakthrough, utilizing a closed-loop, self-evolving AI and data system to provide a suite of further hardware including LiDAR systems and 8-megapixel HD cameras to allegedly provide some of the most sophisticated driver assistance ever provided in such a system.

Xpeng's G9 SUV
The Xpeng G9 Max SUV is expected to be one of the first vehicles to roll out with the XNGP semi-autonomous driving system.
Source: Xpeng

With the unveiling of XNGP, Xpeng will begin rolling out the system in new vehicles before the end of 2022 in certain cities in China. It will first launch with the G9 Max, Xpeng’s top-spec sport utility vehicle.

This product launch is notable for quite a few reasons. With the announcement of XNGP, Xpeng is coming into direct competition with Tesla’s Autopilot system in the electric vehicle market. XNGP and Autopilot are hardly the only semi-autonomous driver assistance systems. Intel subsidiary Mobileye, Uber, and Toyota have also invested heavily in self-driving. However, XNGP is also now in a race with Tesla to get a full self-driving system out the door.

With XNGP now unveiled, it will be interesting to see how Tesla and Xpeng move in their efforts to develop a safe and functional self-driving system. Until then, XNGP is set to launch before the end of 2022, stay tuned for further updates right here at Shacknews.

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