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Bungie reportedly working on new Marathon project

The Destiny 2 developer may be working on a revival of its Marathon series according to recent reports.

In recent reports from outlets like Insider-Gaming, it’s suggested that Destiny 2 developer Bungie may be working on bringing back its Marathon series. For those unfamiliar, Marathon was a first-person shooter that Bungie developed and published all the way back in 1994, with two other releases in the series likewise releasing in the 90s including Marathon 2 in 1995 and Marathon Infinity in 1996.

Rather than bring the game back in its original first-person shooter form, Bungie is reportedly reviving Marathon as a three-person squad-based extraction PvP shooter instead. The game is also said to be a live service title with the inclusion of things like seasonal rewards.

Bungie has previously teased that it’s working on other projects outside of Destiny, and that it will have a new non-Destiny title out by 2025. It’s possible the revival of Marathon as a squad-based shooter is the game that Bungie is working on releasing by that time, though it’s worth taking all of this information with a grain of salt. Bungie has yet to publicly confirm a Marathon revival. That said, it did pay tribute to Marathon back in 2021 with the addition of tie-in armor and weapons in Destiny 2 as part of Bungie’s 30th anniversary celebrations.

Marathon concept art from artist Craig Mullins showing a character with a weapon facing off against a large monster
© Craig Mullins,

All in all, it’s exciting to hear that Bungie may be reviving Marathon, and we look forward to hopefully hearing more about the matter in the future. While we wait for confirmation from Bungie on whether it’s reviving its Marathon series or not, be sure to brush up on the Marathon through retrospectives like this one from YouTuber SameToken, and check out some of our previous Bungie-related news including Bungie celebrating National Coming Out Day with an End of the Rainbow transmat effect in Destiny 2, and Destiny 2 cheat maker AimJunkies countersuing Bungie for reportedly hacking into private computer files.

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