Halo Infinite's upcoming Winter Update to add 4-player campaign co-op & Forge beta

The update is set to roll out on November 8 and will add highly requested features to the game like campaign co-op, a Forge beta, improved match XP, and more.


Halo Infinite players have been patiently waiting for features like campaign co-op and Forge, and now developer 343 Industries is making good on its promise to add these, and more, to the game. In a video shared to the official Halo YouTube today, details about the game’s upcoming Winter Update are shared.

Set to roll out on November 8, the Winter Update for Halo Infinite will allow players to enjoy online 4-player campaign co-op, the ability to replay campaign missions, a beta for Forge, improvements to match XP, new achievements, a free 30-tier Battle Pass, new maps and events, and more.

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If you don’t want to sit through the full video for the Winter Update, an overview was also shared to Halo Waypoint that further outlines the major features that are being added to the game. Starting with campaign co-op, it’s noted that you and up to three of your friends can play together online, with the update also adding Mission Replay to the mix along with 24 new Achievements.

Forge is a staple of the Halo series, and while it’s coming a little later than some might’ve hoped, the Winter Update will also introduce a beta for Forge with “thousands of new objects” along with various other additions and improvements.

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Looking for other things to help keep you busy in Halo Infinite? The Winter Update brings with it a new 30-tier Battle Pass to the game that’ll be available to players for free that’s “full of Reach stuff and some player favorites like CQC and CQB.”

To help you get through the Battle Pass quicker, the update will add some much-needed improvements to match XP as well. In the Winter Update overview video, it’s noted that players will earn XP simply for playing matches, and can earn bonus XP for things like winning and performing well.

For more on the Winter Update be sure to either watch the video on the official Halo YouTube, or read through the post on Halo Waypoint. And for more Halo news, check out some of our previous coverage including the Halo franchise reportedly switching to Unreal Engine 5, and 343 Industries studio head Bonnie Ross resigning due to a medical emergency.

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