Twitter (TWTR) seeks documents related to SEC investigation of Elon Musk

Twitter claims documents related to SEC investigation of Elon Musk's tweets 'bear upon key issues' in the Twitter v. Musk trial.


The Twitter v Elon Musk trial may have been temporarily suspended, but that doesn’t mean both sides have stopped putting their pieces in order for court. Twitter has reportedly been seeking documents that were related to an US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) investigation of Elon Musk’s tweets earlier this year. Twitter’s legal team claims Elon Musk’s own lawyers have been uncooperative, but Twitter also insists the documents serve as important material in relation to the upcoming trial.

Twitter revealed its pursuit of said SEC investigation documents in a court filing earlier this week, as reported by CNBC. Twitter’s lawyers claim to have made a formal request for the documents from Musk’s legal team much earlier this year, back in July. Elon Musk is no stranger to SEC investigation. However, this particular request was in relation to a new probe earlier this year in which the SEC sent a letter to Elon Musk, making an inquiry about tweets from the Tesla CEO in May during his negotiations with Twitter.

Elon Musk's tweet saying the deal cannot go forward.
Twitter's request for documentation of an SEC investigation relates to a May tweet by Elon Musk in which he stated the deal cannot move forward.
Source: Twitter

Currently, the Twitter v Elon Musk trial is suspended until October 28. On said date, Elon Musk will either have to close the deal to acquire Twitter or a new court date will be set for the trial. Nonetheless, it looks like Twitter is still preparing to bring as much legal ammunition to the trial as possible. Even so, Twitter claims Elon Musk’s lawyers have been uncooperative in complying with the request, citing “investigative privilege.” Meanwhile, Twitter claims that the documents it seeks “bear upon key issues in this litigation.”

It remains to be seen if Elon Musk will actually close the $44 billion USD deal. If Twitter’s actions are any indication, the social media company is preparing one way or the other for October 28.

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