Twitter (TWTR) v Elon Musk court case stayed until October 28 to allow deal to close

After Elon Musk's lawyers claimed the deal to buy Twitter was expected to close on October 28, the case's judge has stayed the trial until that date.

Another interesting wrinkle has occurred in the case of Twitter v Elon Musk. As the billionaire has scrambled to try to get out of the deal, it looks like the court is leaning toward holding Musk to legal obligations of his signed agreements. In light of this, Elon Musk’s lawyers claimed that they have agreed to close on the deal and plan of merger, but expect it to close by October 28. With this expectation in mind, Judge Kathaleen McCormick has stayed the trial at least until October 28 to allow the deal to close. If the deal does not close by that date, parties are expected to continue the trial with a new November 2022 court date.

This information was shared in the most recent court filings on the Twitter v Elon Musk case, as shared by The Chancery Daily Twitter on October 6, 2022. While Twitter initially opposed delay of the trial, it was agreed upon on the grounds that Musk’s lawyers stated that the deal’s closing “is expected on or around October 28, 2022.”

Judge Kathleen McCormick's decision to stay the Twitter v Elon Musk case until October 28.
Twitter (TWTR) v Elon Musk Judge Kathleen McCormick ordered the trial stayed until October 28 to allow parties to close the deal.
Source: Twitter

As such, Twitter and Elon Musk have only until October 28 to close the deal after which the case will be dropped. If closure of the deal is not reached by said date, the parties are instructed to contact the court and obtain a new trial date, which would take place in November 2022. This follows hot on the heels of word that Musk would proceed with the deal, halting share sales of Twitter (TWTR) stock just a couple days earlier this week.

It would appear that Elon Musk is being backed into a corner where the deal must go through by the end of this month or he and his representatives will find themselves back in court. As we await further details on the case, stay tuned for new updates right here at Shacknews.

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