Apex Legends Fight or Fright event returns in October

Players can look forward to four weeks of rotating limited-time modes and Halloween-themed skins.


October is almost upon us, which means the arrival of Halloween-themed events in games like Apex Legends. Speaking of which, EA and Respawn Entertainment recently revealed that not only is the Fight or Fright Event returning this year, but the dates have been shared as well.

This year’s Fight or Fright Event will run from October 4 through November, and will feature “four weeks of rotating limited-time modes and Halloween-themed skins.” Of the limited-time modes that Apex Legends players can look forward to, the first to roll out will be Shadow Royale. 

Promo image for the Apex Legends Fight or Fright Event showing LTMs for the four weeks the event will be live including Shadow Royale and Gun Run.
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The Shadow Royale LTM kicks off on October 4 and will be available until October 11, at which time it’ll be replaced by the Gun Run LTM. The Shadow Royale LTM will be a little different this year as well in that players will be able to hunt opponents amid “the gloaming of Olympus After Dark” for the first time ever.

Meanwhile, Olympus After Dark will also join the map rotation for LTMs like Gun Run. For cosmetic collectors, this year’s Fight or Fright Event will feature a blend of new and returning skins. Among these are Legendary skins like Ash’s “Inner Demon” and Seer’s “Bladed Wanderer” along with other assorted Legendary skins for Revenant, Caustic, Octane, and Wattson. Additionally, there will be cosmetic bundles available for Legends like Wraith with the Voidwalker bundle available from October 4 through October 11, and bundles for Pathfinder such as the Memoir Noir bundle available from October 11 through October 18.

For more on Apex Legends’ upcoming Fight or Fright Event, be sure to read through the full announcement post from EA on the Apex Legends blog. And for more Apex Legends news, check out some of our previous coverage including the Hunted patch notes for Apex Legends with info on Vantage, and the previous 13.1.1 patch notes for Apex Legends which included fixes for things like Loba’s tactical ability bug.

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