Apex Legends Update 13.1.1 patch notes fix Loba tactical ability bug

Using Loba's Burglar's Best Friend tactical ability shouldn't randomly fail to transport the character in Apex Legends anymore.


There’s been quite an issue with one of Apex Legends’ playable characters as of late. Loba is known for her ability to not only sniff out good loot, but also travel large distances in a flash with her tactical ability… when it works. A recent bug has been causing the Burglar’s Best Friend tactical ability to fail when used. Apparently, Respawn Entertainment has finally fixed this bug in a minor patch. Apex Legends Update 13.1.1 is available now on all platforms and fixes a few other things as well.

Apex Legends Update 13.1.1 patch notes

Loba from Apex Legends with a bracelet in hand.
With Apex Legends Update 13.1.1 out, players should not have issues with Loba's tactical ability failing for no reason now.
Source: Electronic Arts

Respawn Entertainment rolled out Apex Legends Update 13.1.1 on all platforms on July 13, 2022. The detailed patch notes were also posted on the Apex Legends Wiki. Easily, the most important part of this patch is that it reportedly fixes Loba’s Burglar’s Best Friend tactical ability so her teleport shouldn’t fail without good reason when she throws it. Other fixes included squashing a bug where Wraith couldn’t be damaged during certain unintended points when her abilities were active. You can see the full rundown of fixes in the Apex Legends Update 13.1.1 patch notes below:

  • Improved various issues with Xbox headsets and VOIP quality.
  • Fixed Loba's Burglar's Best Friend tactical failing without reason.
  • Fixed issues with Wraith not receiving damage at certain points when using her abilities.
  • Fixed loss of functionality when using a Crafting Replicator.
  • A variety of other fixes.

With the fixes in Apex Legends Update 13.1.1 in play, it should now be much more reasonable to play Loba again. Incidentally, it might be easier to get a kill on Wraith without certain shenanigans now. With Season 13 - Saviors still currently in play, stay tuned for more updates and coverage of Apex Legends right here at Shacknews.

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