Rumbleverse deploys mid-season update today

Grapital City is about to get a little more interesting with moves inspired by Divekick and weapons inspired by... Kingdom Hearts?


Melees continue to break out in the middle of Grapital City and developer Iron Galaxy's solution is to add more stuff. On Tuesday, the Rumbleverse developers announced the game's first mid-season update, which will add a slew of new weapons, as well as a few moves and mechanics that can be added to each player's move set.

The most interesting new item coming to the free-to-play Rumbleverse is also one that's shrouded in mystery. Somebody in Grapital City has been playing a lot of Kingdom Hearts, because the mid-season update will introduce the new Key Bat weapon. It's exactly what it sounds like: a giant key that's tied to a metal bat. What exactly can players do with it? Well, what can players do besides hit people with it, which is the point of most of Rumbleverse's weapons? That exact answer is unknown, but Rumbleverse Lead Designer Adam Heart will have more to say about it during an AMA on the Rumbleverse subreddit later this morning.

Flying in with a Key Bat in Rumbleverse
Sora from Kingdom Hearts is looking at this thing and wondering if it's just a coincidence.
Source: Iron Galaxy

Enough of the mystery, here's what is known. A new weapon type is debuting with the mid-season update. Golf clubs can not only be used as a blunt object, but they can also be used to bash foes far away. In fact, it even comes with a Shot Power gauge that allows players to measure their shot, allowing them to aim for a hole in one... of their opponent's heads.

Look for the new Divekick to be added to the list of available special moves. Yes, the one-time makers of Divekick have now added that move into their newest title, allowing players to strike from mid-air and also inflict extra damage by hitting with precision timing.

Lastly, look for new ways to increase the Superstar meter. Players can take a swig of Mooscles Shakes in order to fill one-third of their Superstar meter. If there's nobody around, they can also search for glowing Pose Spots, which will fill up part of a player's Superstar meter once they taunt from inside of it.

There's more that's expected with the upcoming mid-season update. Iron Galaxy will go into that on the Rumbleverse Twitch channel with a broadcast that's set to go live minutes after this post. Players won't have to wait very long for Rumbleverse's first mid-season update. It's set to go live later today.

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