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All 1.0 Special Moves - Rumbleverse

Need an idea of which moves to search for in Rumbleverse? We list them all for you and let you decide for yourselves.


Rumbleverse has many ways to physically dispatch opponents. There are strikes, there are unblockable Vicious Attacks, there are melee weapons, and there are Special Moves. Special Moves must be discovered inside boxes found throughout Grapital City. However, which special move does what and which one should you equip? Shacknews is going to attempt to explain.

All 1.0 Special Moves - Rumbleverse

Learning a new move in Rumbleverse

Source: Shacknews

Before going into the specific special moves, let's explain a few things to know. Special Moves will each have a few qualities attached to them. They'll either be a strike or a Vicious Attack, they can have special qualities (Poison/Chargeable/High Priority), and they'll each have a rarity assigned to them. Green moves are Common, Blue moves are Rare, and Purple moves are Epic. Rarer moves will often have a higher power level and attack priority, so try and find those purple moves whenever possible. Now let's dive into each move:

Move Name Properties Rarity Notes
Vicious Mist Vicious, Stuns Common Blows blinding mist into a foe's face
Punchline Slow, High Damage Common Leap forward with a Superman Punch
Tackle Vicious, High Damage, High Risk Common Lunge forward with a tackle
Sumoslap High Stamina Damage Common Step forward with multiple slaps
Superkick Chargeable Common Strike with a standing side kick
Uppercut High Priority Common Step forward with a rising punch
Goal Shot Launcher Common Step forward with a high kick
Ruby Crusher Vicious, High Damage Common Grab a foe and hit a cutter
Cyclone Chargeable, AOE Common Strike multiple foes with a tornado clothesline
Good IzunaDrop Vicious Common Grab a foe and sit on them
Bad Breath Poison, Chargeable Rare More potent Bad Breath
Atomic Punchline Slow, High Damage, AOE Rare Can hit more targets than a Punchline
Spear Tackle Vicious, High Damage, High Risk Rare More damage than a standard Tackle
Poison Sumoslap Poison, High Stamina Damage Rare A Sumoslap that inflicts Poison
Superduper Kick Chargeable, Launcher Rare A Superkick that can launch foes
Bionic Uppercut High Priority, Chargeable Rare More damage than a standard Uppercut
Volley Dive Traversal, Launcher Rare Belly flop forward and launch a target
Rekt Shot Launcher Rare More damage than a standard Goal Shot
Emerald Crusher Vicious, High Damage Rare More damage than a standard Ruby Crusher
Big Swing Vicious, Launcher, Aimable Rare Grab a foe and swing them into the distance
Super Cyclone Chargeable, AOE Rare More damage than a standard Cyclone
Rocket Jump Chargeable, Traversal Rare Launch yourself skyward; causes no damage
Great IzunaDrop Vicious Rare More damage than a standard IzunaDrop
Javelin Tackle Vicious, High Damage, High Risk Epic Strongest quality Tackle
Super Sumoslap Chargeable, High Stamina Damage Epic Strongest quality Sumoslap
Omega Uppercut High Priority, Chargeable Epic Strongest quality Uppercut
Dolphin Dive Chargeable, Traversal, Launcher Epic Chargeable version of the Volley Dive
Cozmo Shot Launcher Epic Strongest quality Goal Shot
Diamond Crusher Vicious, High Damage Epic Strongest quality cutter. BANG!
Giant Swing Vicious, Launcher, Aimable Epic More damage/distance than Big Swing
Omega Cyclone Chargeable, AOE Epic Strongest quality Cyclone
Skyrocket Chargeable, Traversal Epic More distance than a Rocket Jump

These are all of the moves that can currently be found in Rumbleverse. The game is only in 1.0, so there's always a chance that more moves could be added in the future. For now, master these moves by jumping into the open-world Playground mode and then get ready to step into the ring of Rumbleverse.

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